Grandma brand pancakes

As a northerner, the staple food is undoubtedly pasta. For me, the most familiar staple food is steamed bread, dumplings, steamed stuffed buns, noodles and other kinds of pasta, but as the grandmother of Boshan people, though she is accustomed to eating these, she must stand a large stack of pancakes during the New Year..     Granny Tan’s Boshan pancake is not as famous as Linyi pancake and Taian pancake, and its taste is different. Compared with Taian pancake, there are not so many varieties and there is no special sour taste. Compared with Linyi pancake, it is more delicate and tastes more tender. In the past, the family was not well off. Grandma used to use corn flour mixed with white flour. Now the conditions are good. Grandma’s pancake patterns are also increasing. There are millet flour, mung bean flour and even persimmon flour. My niece likes persimmon flavor best, with some sweet taste and strong texture. Small white teeth are very strong to chew..     Early in the morning of the 30th of the year, grandma grinded wheat, beans and millet that had been soaked overnight into flour paste with a stone mill, and then began to brush the seeds, ignite and prepare pancakes..     Spreading pancakes is a kung fu activity. The thinner the pancakes are, the better, but they can’t be broken. This requires mastering the temperature of the pancakes and controlling the intensity of spreading the pancakes.. Grandma said that this was a topic they used to choose their daughter-in-law from Boshan’s husband’s family..     The newly – spread pancakes are golden in color, crisp and fragrant. Cover them with cage cloth for 40 to 50 minutes, and the pancakes that absorb moisture in the air become soft and fold into a fan shape for storage..     This kind of food can be stored for many days. The pancake roll of scallions is almost representative of Shandong cuisine. The green and spicy scallions and the golden and fragrant pancakes are perfect matches.. In fact, pancakes are almost always fragrant with all kinds of dishes. I’m tired of eating big fish and big meat during the New Year. Roll up leek scrambled eggs, lettuce and potato chips with pancakes, and then have some sweet flour paste. The mouth is fresh and delicious, and the aftertaste is endless..     Grandma said she used to be a person who didn’t eat without pancakes. Now she’s used to eating steamed buns in Gao Qing for so many years, but she will miss the taste of pancakes in her hometown during the New Year.. Due to grandma’s thoughts, every spring festival, there will be various pancakes at home for a tooth sacrifice, and grandma’s thoughts will also melt into this thin pancake, which is especially fragrant..