Fish unable to swim back

Open Google Earth, rotate this round sphere, and lock it into Guang ‘an. You will find a long water zone between Guang ‘an and yuechi county County, with its trunk and branches crisscrossed, such as the meridians extending across the earth.. This water zone is the largest reservoir in Guang ‘an, the National Reservoir, and the widest one is my hometown river, which we call the Hongxing River.. The National Reservoir was built in 1960, and his father was just 20 years old.   Since the’ high gorge rises to Pinghu’, my father has forged an indissoluble bond with the Red Star River. I don’t know what kind of relationship my father had with the Red Star River before I could remember, nor do I know whether it brought joy or confusion to my father when the Red Star River just climbed the mountain top from the canyon.? Or is it thrilling strangeness and huge tremor not necessarily? It is a pity that he did not find a spare time to slowly recall those old days with his father before his death. There must be no one to share his loneliness in his heart.. During the long period of time, the egrets of the Red Star River fluttered and flew, paddled and fished, glistened with water, clouds and shadows, and swelled like a charming woman, conquering her father with her charming beauty and beauty, and conquering the fellows of the Red Star River.. They gladly accepted this strange whispers and gradually changed from strangers to habits, from acquaintances to acquaintances to attachments, which were inseparable..   Father spent half of his life in the river, accompanied by all kinds of fish and shrimps. He is the most fish-loving person I have ever seen in the world. However, in his father’s life, there is no’ an old man fishing in the cold river-snow’ leisure and aloof frustration, no’ peach blossom, flowing water, mandarin fish and fat’ poetic feeling, no weariness of officialdom’s thoughts’ bass can be stewed’, he is only a farmer with the most primitive simple and industrious quality.. Fish is a witness to his father’s hardships and vicissitudes of life.     The father of the pioneering father, my grandfather, was once the head of the Kuomintang. Listen to your neighbor Weng, he has culture and energy, but he died in prison. At that time, his father was only two years old. Xu inherited his grandfather’s excellent legacy, Xu grew up without his father’s early maturity, and his father’s bones were hidden with courage and insight that ordinary farmers did not have.. This potential has finally emerged under the inspiration of Deng Xiaoping’s reform and opening-up policy. As soon as the ” household fixing” policy was implemented in the countryside, father became the first person to contract fish ponds in the village, and the contract was signed for ten years.. At this time, my father was 38 years old. For more than 20 years, besides my family, fish became the protagonist of my father’s life. They added a little joy to my father’s ordinary life, but they brought more physical hard labor to my father.. The fish pond is just in front of my house. It is the end of a branch of the Red Star River. There is a low dam in the middle that has not been completely cut off. During the rising season, the water in the river overflows into the fish pond through a small gap.. From then on, his father began his painstaking efforts: changing water, throwing fish fry, feeding grass, feeding egg yolk, burning bricks to build partition walls, fishing nets, and taking motorcycles to the county seat for sale … Ah, he spared no pains to cast off one big and good day after another in his life and make way for the fish school from seedling to adult fish..   However, from seedling to adult fish, this is a simple process in others’ eyes, but it is not really an easy path, but is full of endless hardships. Among them, the most worrying thing for his father was the rising water in the Hongxing River and the lack of oxygen in the fish pond.. When the rain is abundant, the four rivers converge and the Red Star River rises, the water in the fish pond will naturally rise. At this time, the fish were very excited, gathering in groups at the edge of the partition wall, white fish diving, disorderly tattoos, holding a family carnival, ready to leap over the partition wall and rush into the river to find a wider shelter. At this time, the hardest part is the father, who must take his brothers with him and use a net to heighten the partition wall to prevent irreparable damage to the family due to the fish crossing the wall.. It is difficult to fix the net, so we can only stretch the two ends with ropes, tie them to a stick and then insert them on the shore. In the middle, we use countless bricks to press the lower end of the net against the partition wall. When all this has been done, my father and brother have been fighting hard in the cold river for an hour or two. My mother and I are on the shore, waiting for my father, who is drenched with water and purple lips..   The lack of oxygen in fish ponds is also a matter of great concern to my father. When the number of fish is too large and the amount of water occupied by fish per unit area is too small, there will be a lack of oxygen.. One white dot after another began to float on the surface of the water, such as bubbles on the lips of patients with epilepsy, gradually increasing from less to more, from thin to dense, that is fish whose belly floats up due to lack of oxygen.. Yan Xin’s business in the pond is no longer, and the whole water is filled with the smell of death.. At this time, the father had to make a quick decision to salvage the remaining fish and hand them over to the fishmonger, while he had to starve and flood the fish pond day and night until the dying fish came back to life..   Later, my father’s vision gradually widened from one pond to two ponds and then extended to many rice fields for fish farming. You are one of the leaders here, father! People all woke up. Fish farming has developed unprecedentedly in Red Star, and everyone’s attention has been turned from intensive cultivation to ” relying on water to draft.”. The remote and backward red star township has become a real land of fish and rice.   Round and round, day and night, father did it for more than ten years. More than a decade, how many personnel changes, how many old looks and new looks. Father, what have you experienced? After more than ten years of constant persistence, my father walked through the ditch and ridge of life and stumbled. His pioneering and industrious work finally improved our family’s economy slightly. When everyone else’s family was still struggling at the poverty line, my father already had a small deposit.. Six or seven children, under the blessing of their father, grew up in full bloom. My brothers grew up and were no longer my father’s right-hand man. They drifted away one after another with their dreams in their hearts.. My brother and I, under my father’s vigorous support, went from the countryside to the county seat and were soaring in the knowledge-seeking sky.. Leaving their parents to work hard at home. Father! In villages where buildings have not yet risen, you have built two rooms for each of your six sons and added a set of furniture, ready to marry your daughter – in – law.     At its peak, when the ponds and rice fields that have survived for many years began to saturate with fish, people’s eyes were no longer confined to the ponds and rice fields, but turned to a wider river surface..A new fish culture technology, cage culture, came into being at the historic moment. Father naturally also walked in the front row. His dozens of net cages were laid out conspicuously on the Maliuqiao ferry and connected with the other net cages of Hongxing River, looking from a distance like a ready-to-go aquatic army array.. Father’s fish farming reached its peak. Cage fish farming is bigger, but he is also heavier. Time often does not cherish a person because he is getting older and older. Instead, he will continue to give him extra weight.. That’s what father is like. Waiting for him are the sons who need to start a family when they grow up, the cage that needs him to arrange day and night, and my brother and I, two students who are spending high tuition fees.. The dawn of our family was awakened by the sound of father’s motorcycle. Early in the morning, when we just got up, our father had already sold the fish and went home. During the day, while his father was busy farming, he had to prepare and feed fodder and forage and repair the net cage. At night, it was the loneliest and hardest time for my father. He had to sleep alone in a weather-beaten boat and wake up in a shallow sleep to prevent people with unclean hands and feet from stealing fish, because this phenomenon is not uncommon in our waters.. However, despite his father’s care, he suffered several serious losses. The cable used to fix the net cage was ruthlessly cut off, and the net cage was dragged to the shore as a whole. Hundreds of fish disappeared, leaving only the dead bodies of the net cage abandoned on the river bank. Except for some dead branches and leaves, the net cage was empty.. Our family always sighs for a long time, but my father only talks a few words and doesn’t hate it very much.. The next day, he will still appear by the river to get up early.   Father is old at last. When years of hard work have always brought endless vanity and gloom, when half a hundred had to leave the warm home every night and guard the swarms of swimming fish under the guidance of a flashlight, he began to get tired. After dinner, he no longer started so fast, but dawdled, dozed off in front of the TV, and slowly left home at the urging of his mother again and again.. Father is a little lonely. I don’t know what my father thought when he faced the fish school alone and saw that they were happy and suddenly stopped.? When his father’s awning boat was hit by storms again and again in the middle of the night, he had to curl up in a cold and dark branch port without sleep till dawn, did he miss his family sleeping at home? One lonely night after another, did he still remember the good love time with his mother or ruminate on his sour life? Or there has been a’ man seeks things, man does things in heaven’ helplessness and sighing.? Earn money, pick up soil, and push sand with money and water. The family property accumulated after years of arduous trek was consumed by a large number of children, and the competition in the fish farming industry increased, making the father unable to cope with the struggle with life..     Travel far away is extremely prosperous and will decline. Red Star Fish Culture Industry has also shown its old state since 2004. A large number of aquaculture pollution led to the deterioration of water quality. Red Star River was covered with dead fish carcasses and mountain water hyacinths.. The green growing in the clumps, like the tumors derived from the river body, not only blocked the water traffic and polluted the drinking water, but also caused great panic that people’s living space was swallowed up.. The government had to order that tens of thousands of manpower be used to salvage the fish for half a month, which cost a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources.. This devastating blow, whether to the Red Star River, the fish farming industry, or to the hearts of Red Star fellows, was a heavy blow..   The deterioration of water quality and the government’s intervention have led to a decline in red star’s fish farming industry, and his father has also lost his former enthusiasm.. As a tired fish, he struggled with the 67th Spring Festival and finally made a long journey on the 10th day of the first month, when the spring seedlings were green, and could no longer find a way back to the trip..   This summer vacation, friends went swimming together in the Red Star River. There were no fish on the table.. The father was gone, the fish farming industry was banned, and the cheerful swimming fish in the river were also ransacked by electric shocks and secret nets, leaving only some finger-sized fish and shrimps, with no trace of cocked shells, wild turtles or catfish.. There are fewer fishermen returning with smiles and full loads, more often than not, lonely fishing poles with empty bags and lonely backs..   Father, do you know that the fish of the Red Star River have traveled far with you.