Father is a heavy book

Father has been away from us for 19 years. Every time I think of my father’s miserable life experience and somewhat legendary life experience, I can’t help but feel a sense of bitterness and bitterness in my heart, but more, I still admire and miss … Ah, when my father was 11 years old, my grandfather Luo Zhenfu ( nicknamed Luo Xinchou ) was shot by the artillery of the Kuomintang army in the battle against Tianmen Zaoshi under the command of Duan Dechang, the 9th Division of the Chinese Red Army of Workers and Peasants..   After grandpa’s sacrifice, due to persecution by Kuomintang authorities, grandmother who lost her husband was forced to give up her uncle, who was only 10 months old, to leave her father, who was only 11 years old, and aunt, who was 6 years old, to go away and marry someone else’s wife..   One can imagine how miserable his father was at that time! My father took care of my young aunt while doing long-term work for the rich! The pain of losing a loved one and the separation of his own brother have hurt the heart and body of a child who is only 11 years old and still needs to be raised.?   In this way, my father used his weak body and helpless soul to hold up the miserable home and spent the darkest childhood in his life when he was crying hard and should not cry every day … In 1941, the Japanese invaders trampled on the fertile land of Jianghan Plain with their iron hoofs.. Everywhere the Japanese invaders go, they burn, kill and loot, doing everything evil, and the Chinese people are in hot water. At that time, the revolutionary armed forces and party organizations in Tianmei area were in a relatively weak state. The patriotic father and more than 10 young men of the same age in the village joined Wang Jinzai, commander of the 128th division of the national army stationed in Tianmei area, in the fight against Japan..   Wang Jinzai was a famous general in the Battle of Songhu. As a subordinate of General Yang Hucheng of the nationalist army, he has always been known for his strict military discipline and bravery and good fighting. He has a cheerful disposition and is dissatisfied with many practices of Chiang Kai – shek’s authorities.. Anti – Japanese and anti – Chiang was his basic aim at that time!   The 20 – year – old father worked as an orderlies under Wang Jinzai. Due to his father’s intelligence and loyalty, he also played a good long flute, which was deeply appreciated by General Wang Jinzai..   In February 1943, the Japanese invaders launched the ” Battle of annihilation in the north” code-named ” Bullsword Tactics” and ” Battle of annihilation in the north”. They dispatched more than 100,000 Japanese puppet troops, more than 80 planes, and attacked 128 divisions aggressively.. Due to the great disparity between our forces and those of the enemy, and Chiang Kai – shek’s refusal to send reinforcements, Wang Jinzai’s 128th division and the army were destroyed after 27 days of fierce fighting, and Wang was captured by the Japanese army.. Father was blown up black and blue by Japanese planes in the battle and almost lost his life! Fortunately, my uncle carried his father back to his hometown with a buffalo and woke up after three days and three nights in a coma.. With the help of a kind man, my great-uncle brought in a card shark to help his father take out the bullet and tie up his almost broken legs with plaster . Ah, after months of conditioning and treatment, his father finally came back from the gate of hell.   Later, his father joined the revolutionary armed forces led by the Communist Party and cooperated with the 5th Division of the New Fourth Army led by Li Xiannian to carry out food and tax collection in Honghu area of mian yang, providing a strong material basis and logistical support for the development and growth of the New Fourth Army and its struggle against the enemy.! Due to his outstanding work and outstanding performance, his father was quickly absorbed as a member of the Communist Party of China.!   In the days leading up to the early days of liberation, the organization arranged many times for his father to be the county tax chief and the head of Fengkou district, but his father always said that he had made no contribution to the revolution and his culture was too low to refuse organizational kindness and insisted on returning to his hometown and becoming a farmer.!   In the 58 years of the great leap forward in iron and steel production and industrial agriculture, there was a high prevalence of false boasting in many places, especially the promotion of high-yield fields of ten thousand catties in rural areas, which caused great harm to the vast majority of farmers. The common people in many places did not have enough to eat and wear warm clothes, and their living conditions were extremely worrying.. However, his father took the risk of being criticized and told the truth, seeking truth from facts, led the masses to plant hundreds of acres of land in his production team to be fat and beautiful. pigs were raised in the pigsty and fish were raised in the pit pond. by the end of the year, every family had been given food, pork and fresh fish and enjoyed their life. the villagers’ days were envied by the masses of other production teams.!   Father was transferred to the Commune Agricultural Research Institute to do agricultural scientific research because he groped for a complete set of management and management experience in agricultural production.. This summer, my father was driving water in the rice research field by himself, with green seedlings all around, happy sparrows flying overhead, white clouds drifting across the blue sky, and the south wind blowing leisurely.. In a large pool next to the paddy field, lotus leaves in the paddy field and lotus flowers that are about to blossom are fragrant and intoxicated. On the surface of the water, several kingfishers leaped from time to time, and then got into the bottom of the water. After a while, a long Diaozi fish was caught in the water … Ah, I don’t know why, the father was in a very happy mood on this day, as if there were any happy events to come..   At about two or three o’clock in the afternoon, a middle-aged man wearing a yellow military uniform and a cap badge appeared in front of his father. After several times of examination, the father finally recognized the middle-aged man in front of him. He is his brother who has been thinking all day and all night for more than 30 years.! Four eyes relative, two people cry into tears. How many grievances and how much bitterness to pour out to relatives! It turned out that after his uncle was adopted by his adoptive parents, the family moved to other places, and the adoptive parents loved his uncle, sent him to school and married his daughter – in – law.. During the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea, my uncle signed up for the voluntary army again! His adoptive mother told his uncle the addresses of his biological mother and brother before he died, so that he could be reunited with his relatives.!   When the brothers met, they could not finish talking. Father and uncle drank all night and got drunk. Ah, uncle was already in the position of Chief of Staff of the H Military Region, and because his father was a martyr’s orphan, his work was outstanding, the county party committee organization department issued a notice to arrange his father to work in the county seat.. However, the honest and honest father once again declined the organizational kindness. He said to the leaders who came to visit him, I am a man without culture and have no contribution to the revolution. How can I enjoy the honor and treatment given by the state?? In this way, my father once again missed out on the ” official” fortune..   My father worked in the agricultural research institute, and my mother took our brothers and sisters with her to work and wash and cook for us. She suffered a lot.. In order to save some money, our five brothers went to school and the three sisters did not even cross the school gate, and the mother occasionally complained a few words.’ If your father listened to the organization, you wouldn’t suffer like this! Tears streamed down her cheeks and wet her sisters’ clothes! However, to put it bluntly, the mother still supports all the father’s actions from time to time..   After his father retired from the agricultural research institute, he only received a retirement fee of more than 20 yuan per month, while his family was in a tight financial situation. villagers suggested that his father apply for help from the organization, but both parents firmly rejected it.! The organization did send solatium to his father many times, and his parents insisted not to. They said, ” Our children are now big and have hands and feet. They need money to earn it by their own ability.”. The country’s money goes to families who need more help!Father himself built a tin house in the street, beat up some daily necessities and started to run a small shop. He said he would be self – sufficient.. As usual, the mother worked at home to help her brothers and sisters-in-law look after their children..   Mother has asthma and often coughs more than once. Father and we can do everything we can but can’t cure her asthma.. On a summer night, my mother closed her eyes forever in her shabby old bed because of the deterioration of her illness.. My father cried and fainted. He beat his body and said regretfully, ” I shouldn’t do any business alone and leave you behind.”. Even you didn’t hear the last sentence … ” Father cried bitterly:” You’ve had a hard life with me and suffered a lot. ”. I’m sorry for you . ” Father felt too guilty for his mother, so he was always in low spirits and often used tears to wash his face.. Later, my father also transferred the store to others and went home to look after my grandchildren..   When my father died, I worked in a police station more than 100 miles away from home. There are no relatives around at home. Father walked quietly as if he were just tired and taking a nap!   When cleaning up his father’s belongings, we saw him put under the wooden box with his party membership card and the hundreds of dollars on his retirement card, all of which were taken out and registered in the column of party membership dues.. There are red seals affixed by handlers and party organizations! There is also a picture of him and his uncle inside the box, and an almost rotten but clean armband.! The blood on it is visible! Uncle Tang said it was sent by his father when he joined the Communist Party!   Father, though he did not have any earth-shattering feats in his life, nor did he leave us anything valuable, his simple character, the spirit of offering and not asking for anything, is to leave us the most precious spiritual wealth that we can never get and use.!   Father is a heavy book, let children read it all their lives and remember it!