Bloody sunset

The sunset has not yet fallen into the depths of the western hills, and the corner is still burning with clouds like green hills, better than the composure of purple smoke.. Before the sun was reborn, it wrote magnificent poems for ordinary clouds, depicting a strong attachment and leaving a world in human nature.   The weather was originally very clear and there was no cold wind in winter.   It was already dusk. Birds are homing in. What’s calling in the nearby jungle, like the squeal of the wind. On my way home, I had some ghost money scattered intermittently by the roadside. My father said, ” Who’s probably dead again?”! I made a chill.   Yellow ghost money in the twilight, a bitter cold wind blowing untimely, I shivered again. The sun has gone down and everything is in the impenetrable darkness. A lamp floats on the earth and the mountains become more desolate, heavy and gloomy, sending out a choking smell.   Li Fei is a driver who lives in a minibus. We went to the county seat in the morning thanks to his ride.. Today is the fair day in the town, when he has returned home carrying passengers.   A young man followed Li Fei with his head down and approached my house, but did not enter the house. They understood the ancient rules of the village..   Someone is calling my father. Father smiled and answered. See Li Fei, don’t know what’s the matter.   Uncle, I’m sorry! I want to ask you a favor! Li Fei said shyly. The young man standing by looked heavy. He looked very cold and seemed to think that the night was too sudden to break through the original order around him. Everything was no longer harmonious and the sky became horrible. As a result, the sun set earlier than usual.. With desolation, the world looks particularly dark. His father’s smiling face suddenly changed into a gloomy one. He looked at the young man and said to Li Fei, ” I didn’t see his father in the village shop yesterday. He was still teasing his grandson.”? ‘ father is a little don’t believe it.   ‘ Ah! Say know calculate? What the hell is going on here? There are a lot of vehicles in the street. Where does this child know about personnel? The old man also really . Ah ah! The child lost a coin and turned to pick it up. The child ran to the middle of the road without looking at it.. When he looked back, he rushed over and just picked him up and a motorcycle flew over. As a result, this is good? The child was well, only a little bit of skin was wiped, but the old man . Ah, the blood of the land was like the sun . ” The young man raised his hand to wipe his eyes and turned to the other side to light a cigarette..