All mothers in the world are the same

In 1998, it should be late autumn? I met a mother on my way to Mangkang. This is a typical Tibetan mother with a full face of Gao Yuanhong. She was carrying her child with her back, walking hard and the child was badly dressed. The mother took off her coat and gave it to the child in order to stop the wind attacking the child, but she was willing to freeze it.. I gave the mother and son a few dollars, even though I began to face the dilemma I couldn’t solve in my own journey.. I found that in love with children, all mothers are the same.   In a few more years, I travelled all the way through Shaanxi, Sichuan and Yunnan to relax myself. At that time, the train returning from Yunnan was not very convenient. I wanted to go around the corner to Guiyang, pass through Guizhou, Guangxi, Hunan and Hubei, and then arrive in Zhengzhou, Henan. Zhengzhou is already very close to my hometown, so I chose to get off in Zhengzhou.. When passing through Guizhou’s mountainous area, a kind neighbor reminded me to close the window when the train stops or stops temporarily, because it is possible to reach into your hands suddenly and take the food and articles on your case, which is very poor here.. During a temporary stop, I did as I did, and my neighbor and I worked together to drop the window. The train stopped in the wild and looked around at no one else. Suddenly, there was a’ bang’ sound and something hit the window glass. The neighbor said that the children here were not happy to see the windows falling down.. Suddenly, through the glass, I saw a woman beating a little boy who was only about ten years old. When a woman beat him, he did not hide, but only waited for him to get there.. I asked my neighbor to help me push up the window, half knowing or not recognizing that a mother was teaching her child, which probably means: you are really worthless, you are really disappointing, you are not obedient, and you are hiding from adults to ” steal a car.”. Neighbor said, is it a plan? I shook my head. Sure enough, the mother took the child for a while and then left without a shadow..   This is also a kind of pain. Teach your children not to take detours, but to follow the right path. Didn’t you also be beaten by your parents for making mistakes when you were a child?? I found that in love with children, all mothers are the same.     I remember when I was a child, my mother always got up early and went to bed late, stayed up until midnight, shook her spinning wheel and spun a winter thread, woven cloth in spring and changed money at the fair, which is our brother and sister’s tuition, food and clothing. During my senior high school entrance examination, I have to review late into the night every night. My mother always accompanies me in the middle of the night and prepares me’ night snack’ ( usually egg noodles or the like ). The warmth of my mother has been with me all the time, making me pass the snags and snags of my life. I found out, really, that all mothers in the world are the same in love with children..   However, we do not always do a good job in showing filial respect to the elderly as children.. Often do their own thing, and ignore the parents. If one day, you stop your haste, observe your parents, find more wrinkles on your mother’s face, start hunching your back, and keep shaking your hands while combing your hair. Father’s footsteps are no longer vigorous, and he always coughs a lot in the morning. They are white-haired and can’t chew hard food. Their teeth are painful and scarce. They only like to drink gruel and soak steamed buns in rice … Ah, at this time, the old man is really getting old. We should love our mother and father well. Don’t regret it until the time when the tree wants to be quiet but the wind is not blowing, the son wants to be filial and the mother is not there … Ah, often go home and have a look at it, often caressing the old age spots on their parents’ hands and making them feel warm in their hearts.. No matter whether we are poor or rich, we should make our parents happier and less lonely, lonely and helpless.