A gift for my mother

Mom: I love you, this kind of love will run through my whole life until the end of my life.     As for the great and dedicated word’ mother’, the daughter clearly knows that it is not a simple word’ mother, I love you’ that can be repaid.. The daughter will use up all her life’s painstaking efforts and will not be able to repay her mother’s kindness and selfless care. But the daughter is willing to do her best to satisfy the mother’s wishes to the maximum extent possible.     As the saying goes, ” When you go out, you know what life is like, and when you raise your children, you know what your parents are doing.”,’ When your parents are too old to be filial to your children and grandchildren, who has seen them?’. For the meaning of these two sentences, when I upgraded to motherhood, I had a profound experience and feeling. I know better that what mothers need is not the rewards of their children, but as long as the children are happy and have time to go home and see them more.!     I have read a story about a well-intentioned mother who, in order to get closer to her daughter, had to contend for putting the newly-bought large color TV set in her master’s room, and her daughter insisted on putting it in the living room again and again. Eventually, her mother gave in and her daughter won. Later, the daughter also married, married and had children. One day, my daughter came to see my grandmother with her three-year-old child. My grandmother was very close to my little grandson, eating and playing.. At this moment, the daughter spoke to one side: ” Son, you are so happy, and your grandmother hurts you so much.”. But I was the least angry with your mother. At that time, I argued with me for a long time for the new big TV set and said that I would put it in their master’s room.. After hearing this, the mother said happily, ” Son, you were wrong, not because your mother was stingy, but because when you went home to school at that time, except watching TV in the living room, you shut yourself up in your own Xiaotian field and rarely got close to us.”. I struggled to put the big TV set in the master’s room, just to let you come to our room to watch TV so that we can get closer to you.’ My daughter was teary-eyed and ashamed to think that she had misunderstood her mother’s good intentions for so many years and burst into tears in her arms.. This story tells us a truth: no matter what parents do, they cannot do without love for their children.     This weekend is the annual Mother’s Day. I remember my 84 – year – old mother at home. I haven’t seen her for nearly a year.. I also don’t know what kind of gift to buy for her old man’s house. Perhaps the most desirable gift for her old man’s house is. I can go home and spend some time with her. This is also my wish that I must fulfill every year after my father’s death.. Every time I go back, I don’t visit relatives or friends. I just stay at home and help her cook something to eat, talk with her and do something. She always praises what I cook and say,’ The same thing, the taste you make is different, especially delicious.”. So every time I go home, I break her old man’s house.     Since my mother is happy, I’m going to give her her the gift she loves most. After I finish the digital game and finish the report, I will go home to visit my mother, who is my dream of thinking about the day.. Here, I also wish my mother and all the mothers in the world a happy Mother’s Day.!