Oscar look?James lips that do not play very full tone

  Beijing time on March 6, according to "Cleveland honest people," reports – Kobe Bryant has won this year's Oscar for Best Animated Short Film Award。
Although the Cavaliers headed star LeBron – James is also involved in the entertainment industry, but the win was not one of his goals for the future Oscar。
  "No, (Oscar) has never been one of my goals。 "James said in an interview today," but I'm also involved in the film and television industry, but also do a lot of things。
If at some point in time, we get an Oscar nomination or win an Oscar, it will be something I never thought。
"" We have some of their own works, so we will see what will happen next。 "James has his own entertainment company in Hollywood, he acted in movies, but also produced a number of television programs。
  James said he saw Bryant's animated short "Dear Basketball," and called it "phenomenal"。 Yesterday, James Bryant also won the Oscar via Twitter congratulated。