Do a good job of guarding the forest and building a city of Changcheng together

Duchang is an agricultural county with a population of about 830,000 so far. To develop Duchang well is the long-cherished wish of every hometown’s children. Shen Yan Yang, Fu Du Chang. It has a history of more than 2000 years since the Han emperor set up the county in six years. it is said that it is also one of the 18 civilized ancient counties in Jiangxi province.   duchang county is located on the shore of Pohu Lake, in the northern part of Jiangxi Province, and directly belongs to Jiujiang City. If you want to develop here, agriculture may be the key. According to archaeological excavations, human beings lived and multiplied in the Neolithic Age, when people used stone tools to engage in primitive agriculture, fishing and hunting.. Of course, as long as you look at the regional distribution map of each county in Jiujiang, it is not difficult to find that it is the central area of Chang, Jiu and Jing golden triangle. Therefore, such a geographical environment has brought many inconveniences to the traffic.   Traffic is an indispensable condition for a place to develop. Convenient transportation is often the cornerstone of regional prosperity. If a county seat does not have convenient transportation, it will be difficult for the local economy to prosper. At this time, we must not lose heart, because the heart has not withered and hope still exists.   From ancient times to the present, the convenience of transportation has indeed made the economy of many backward regions develop rapidly, but that is not absolute, and the key lies in people. All wealth comes from human creation. The unique version of the ecology of Zhouzhuang Water Village in Jiangsu Province, the characteristics of the origin of Hengdian film in Zhejiang Province, the charming customs of Fenghuang in Hunan Province and Dunhuang in Gansu Province are unique. As long as we do it with our heart, we can succeed after all. One traffic is nothing, if not, we can create another.   Development, subjectively, is one side. Without good conditions, we can create through each other’s hard-working hands.. Development is also objective. Even if you have superior conditions, if you don’t take care of them, you will eventually turn your back and lose your way.. To develop Duchang, one should be a qualified forest keeper in combination with reality.   Duchang’s disadvantage lies in the inconvenience of transportation, which will often increase the freight charges to and from the vehicles, and of course the prices will also rise accordingly.. The rise in prices will hold back the economy within a certain range. If a county wants to develop, economic development is certainly the first. However, in the process of economic development, it often brings about some waste of resources and environmental pollution … Ah Du Chang has many advantages, such as agriculture, culture, landscape and so on.. These are all left to us by our ancestors. As long as we make rational use of them, we are not afraid to develop.. When we see regional disadvantages, don’t forget our own advantages.   Society is progressing, and mankind is also developing. If we are isolated from the world, we will fade out of the world in less than three years. The same is true of a city. If it doesn’t seize the opportunity and develop harmoniously, it will disappear in a few years.. In fact, there are many and many examples like this around us. I remember seeing a news item on the Internet a few months ago, which roughly means that a forgotten village slowly corrodes in nature with the passage of time..   In developing a place, we should not be isolated from the world because of environmental pollution and waste of resources, because this objective phenomenon will inevitably occur in the process of development, but we should not be casual and keep a clear head at all times and do not focus on immediate interests.. It is a good thing to develop a place. People’s living standards have been raised and there is hope, which is the practical work for the private sector.. In developing a place, we should not lose confidence because of the bad natural conditions, because all success comes from seeking truth from facts and daring to act boldly. Only in this way can we realize the value of our life without living in vain.   Creating a fortune may be simple, as long as we do it with our heart. It may be difficult to hold on to a family property, so we will have to work together for generations to come. The development of Duchang is the wish of every generation. The previous generation has given us a satisfactory answer, so we should also give a satisfactory answer to the next generation.. Only in this way can duchang county be based in Jiujiang.   It will no longer be a dream to be a forest keeper and build a city of Changcheng together..