Accidental and Inevitable

People must rely on themselves. Everyone has everyone’s understanding of this sentence. People are a social species. With the continuous development of society and the continuous progress of human beings, this situation becomes more and more obvious.. People cannot live without society, in other words, people cannot live without people. Since people cannot live without people, can it be said that people depend on others? Of course, as individuals, others cannot leave you and leave this society.. Some people will say that we can’t live in seclusion in the mountains. In fact, think carefully about whether you can really live in seclusion from this society? Can you survive if you are put into a mountain forest to die by yourself at birth? Do you know how to make a fire? You know, wait, you know? Can you survive? Some people may cite some examples, but is this really important? Every successful person can be said to be an accident or an inevitability, and most of the time we use an accident to educate an inevitability. I personally feel that everything is relative and everything is a matter of degree and quantity.. For every sentence, every famous saying should be demonstrated and applied in a dialectical way.. People must rely on themselves, be self-reliant and have the courage to give. Your giving gives others support and embodies social values. Of course, society will also feed back the capital you live in.. What I want to say here is that giving does not necessarily pay off, but does not pay off or has little value but pays off very much..   Some people say that the world is unfair, and Qian Qian’s millions of people revolted, but there was only one Mao Zedong. Many revolutionary ancestors paid precious lives for the revolutionary cause from birth to death.. But we don’t even know their names, because the Monument to the People’s Heroes can’t write down the names of all the people. Comrade Qiu Shaoyun died, and we remembered his name, but after the fighting began, comrade Qiu Shaoyun’s comrades sacrificed several more, and several remembered their names.. Ma Yun succeeded, but there is only one Ma Yun. We are constantly educating many people with Ma Yun’s quotations. We always try to copy heroes with heroic deeds and success with successful models. In fact, we do not know that all this is an accident and necessity.. Because one kind of hero and one kind of success are relative and both are the mastery of degree and quantity. Different circumstances or moods will get different results or moods in the same way. Ma Yun’s start-up may be ended before the Cultural Revolution begins. History is not replicable. Success is not replicable. If replication succeeds, it is also an accident or an inevitability.. To put it bluntly, every success must have a certain chance or luck component. Having said so many words is not to let you have a negative attitude, but to deal with anything rationally. When the opportunity comes, you must seize it, and do not be discouraged if you do not succeed. Keeping a good mood is good for your physical and mental health. Anyone who wants to be free from hatred in his heart, free from worries in his mind, pay more and expect less..     On January 19, 2017, the commoners exchanged notes on their mood and contact information: QQ 20662720