Turn around, that’s the direction

The streams in the mountain stream always sing cheerful songs, as if they never have any pain or trouble. Travel to famous mountains and rivers, love to listen to the gurgling of streams, love to play scooped up water, and happy streams also infect and make us happy.. Can really follow the pace of the stream, but found the stream” rounding ten thousand turns through the mountains, on a journey of less than thirty miles”, a hundred turns and a thousand turns, bumpy twists and turns. The brook has a firm ideal that it must blend into the sea. In order to achieve this goal, facing the hillside blocking the road ahead, turn around and turn back slowly, still singing and still smarting. The streams converge into small rivers at the foot of the mountain, and the rivers converge into big rivers as they travel. The rivers run out to the sea, completing the stream’s ideal. The brook is witty, facing the hill in the way, without entanglement or sorrow, it turns flexibly.. If this is not the case, the tiny streams of water will never be able to sing into the sea.. In late autumn, geese fly south. Although the north is a paradise for geese, the winter still turns around and abandons the home that has been running for half a year and goes to the warm south without hesitation.. No formality, no looking back, deducing the most beautiful landscape in the sky. It was this turn that brought spring’s’ home’. When I was in college, my major was mechanical manufacturing, and my graduation was assigned to a research institute of a large state-owned enterprise. But my professional level is really average, and I can’t adapt to the work requirements at all. The leaders and teachers have a headache, and I am also depressed and confused.. The reason for this analysis is that in college, all the energy was devoted to community activities and writing, and professional knowledge was not learned well. moreover, it is also the most important thing. I do not like these’ stiff and boring’ lines and machines from the heart and enter oneself for an examination in an engineering school is completely beyond my father’s life.. ‘ Xiao Li, change to management”, after a respected leader has mastered the situation, talk to me. I was excited. That’s what I expected. Although I abandoned my major, I found a suitable way for myself.. Many years have passed, and I often think that if I have been working on technology, it must be an incompetent engineer and an unpleasant life experience.. My friend Mr. Zhang worked in a small enterprise with dedication and hard work, but the benefits of the enterprise have not been good. Mr. Zhang’s income is low and he cannot afford to continue facing children who pay tuition fees and parents who are ill.. Advised him to quit his job and do some business on his own. Although he worked hard, he may change the difficult situation. He refused several times, saying that he was not afraid of hard work, mainly because he had no culture, no capital and no business ability.. On that day, I was in a hurry and said, ” What kind of culture and ability do you need to open a pancake stand? Just be clean and healthy and have good prices.”. At present, he is the boss of a large food enterprise with an annual output value of more than 20 million yuan. The pancake stove that was used to set up a stall at the school gate has been preserved. He said it was his ” turning point and milestone.”. Turn around, not necessarily gorgeous, but it must be wisdom. If you don’t have the spirit to be good at turning around, small streams may never be able to merge into the sea. If you don’t have the instinct to turn around in time, geese flying thousands of miles will freeze in the cold north. If he doesn’t have the courage to turn decisively, Mr Zhang will still be tortured by poverty. Most of the time, when you find yourself not good at doing something, when you find yourself not gifted in some way … ah, learn to give up, because only giving up can you find your own direction and find your own way to success. Turned around, not to face difficulties and flee after fear, but to solve difficulties with wisdom. When a snake finds danger ahead, it will turn around and run away in time. When a silkworm eats up one mulberry leaf, it will turn to another in time. When the water finds an obstacle ahead, it will wisely turn around and walk … ah. A person, when misguided and disoriented; When blocked by high mountains and blocked by natural barriers, it cannot be crossed directly. When there is no way out and there is a dilemma, turning around is phoenix nirvana, bathing in fire and reborn.. Most of the time, it is necessary to learn to choose, giving up is also a kind of reason, and turning around may be the direction. Li Fuchun May 13, 2017