A beautiful and old party Xiaofan

After waiting 20 years a class reunion, the old armor and beauty peek sail, sail sail, after all, no matter where we go, can become the center of attention, whether past, present or future, this a little more than 50 students at the party will not be denied.Because after all, the AWC is so beautiful male attention and female jealousy set of beautiful stature and wisdom one sail.Her beauty, with the current standard is: Brigitte Lin’s mouth, Furong sister’s waist, Zhang Ziyi’s face, anyway, the first time the boys in school retention rates of school, from the first day to a high, usually not interested in learning a lot of the boys have undergone great changes, a class will unknowingly looking for her eye problems.Sometimes seven or eight boys like her Zhongxinggongyue generally around the middle, so that other girls jealous next teeth, gradually, little sail class girls invariably felt snubbed.Because the Creator preference to sail more than girls bear the limits, not only gave her star-like beauty and hot body, but also gave her a generous clever, wise brains.Singing and dancing, articulate, full academic year in the top three classes, A old scores and Xiaofan nearly tied, but she used in the study than the old A few times, he takes a lot of time and effort to not throw off her math teacher once had a very fair assessment of the old armor, armor you old school is not very clever, his head is not flexible enough, although not convinced the old a math teacher evaluation, but small and Where the comparison, he had to admit that the teacher’s assessment is correct.On the popularity, the two of them have some special.In girls, he’s much better than her popularity, the question on most girls learn basically not to ask her, like most of the boys have problems learning not find the old armor, like the United States of sail, sail outstanding not only let some precocious boys head over heels, but also to several graduate assigned to the school when a young school teachers, most of the opportunity to ask questions of her, anyway, then she felt some of the problems that others are attempting to answer the pediatrics , occasionally deliberately wrong answers, but the questions tireless teacher always inquisitive, so that the teacher’s behavior disgusted many admirers of sail and booing, the atmosphere seemed very embarrassed.This time, as long as the sail of a small gesture, immediately became silent, the squad is the squad leader, attractive, bold and let the old A study members also humbled.  After a high, old armor and beauty AWC were elected to the Student Union, little sail is chairman, is to learn the old Arab ministers, the two often work together to discuss, she attracted a lot of male students look strange, old Although a general appearance, but I do not feel beautiful and feel natural together, because he thinks he can score, and sail together have capital.They have a common language, common interests, common organizational skills, they both have been rated as provincial and municipal roll student was recognized, participated in the county science and technology summer camp organized.  If there are no subsequent changes, chances are the old armor and sail can be admitted to college, and they may become one family, the school should be changed because the vocational school, there are many veteran teachers are transferred, in order not to affect the sail school, her father took her to another school in the county, while the old one became the school last term of high school graduates, due to various reasons, he was in college entrance exam and the mid-1982’s, and small sails and Andy (two of them simultaneously transfer) are admitted to the university, and later assigned to the same school as a teacher, and finally became a man.  A University of Broken Dreams old, was admitted to the Southwest a power school, he did not want to go for the rat race four children, all done live what the father said to the old A: child, secondary school is to test the fame, you are our household first obtain fame of children, on our family graves have been counted smoke, and read it.A so old listened to parents’ advice, but the desire to think and sail at the same time admitted to the University vanish into thin air, felt the old A deep sense of loss.  The high school reunion, traces of the years did not leave any regrets in beautiful sail body, she was so brilliant, or the limelight, the old armor and sail a few pleasantries on their choices, they could see two have been estranged.Despite the old armor have a much higher income than the beauty Xiaofan work, but the old A dream is a world-famous great writer, the saying goes, women are afraid to marry the wrong husband, male fear of the wrong, old armor units are located a central power supply enterprise, benefits and wages are so many gatherings of girls and boys envy, but the old armor lifted to live his life not happy, beloved woman become someone else’s bride, writer’s dream 20 years later is still the mirror in May, Stronghold.The party, the eyes of the old A beautiful Xiaofan although close, within reach, but he did not have the guts, or the year Xiaofan Xiaofan do that amorous?They do not seem to Dangqi the party any ripples in the past Xiaofan mind, happy life in high school, cinematic scene after scene of passing in the minds of the old A old A haggard eyes, always looking for the year he dreamed that makes the shadows, but Xiaofan figure has been submerged in the flow of people in the party.A trace of regret, while bitter, accompanied by glass after glass of blood-red wine poured into his mouth, that night the old A real drunk, woke up, he was lying on a pink sofa of his home, a soft body cover of riding perianth, old a wife know that this is a masterpiece, gentle wife certainly is a sleepless night.A moment some old guilt, people are often unhappy life all likelihood, the old A thought lost has been irreparable, the coming days will have to go on slowly.