(New Year special) with you

Winter cold cut the chill crept up, and after a few continuous heavy snow, warm sun in the shadow of the more rarefied, and exhaled breath Lengse dispersed in air, heavy with the smell.    Every morning, the habit of pushing clean, clear windows, stretched out his hands, to explore a vast and lonely eyes cool, disorderly thoughts are wandering in the lonely Depression.    Maybe life is too comfortable because of all these years, he has been wandering in the mountains in addition to the text, unrequited love on the fingertips on bits and pieces scattered in the fleeting joy of clear, and surrounded by flower penned under the fingertips of warm, it seems unwilling to go beyond those old memories and remember the words of mood affair.    Grow older, some memories began to intentionally or unintentionally gleamed at some point, like standing height of contemplation and eyes can be a fireworks bloom.The sky like a bright moment in the heart of the glacier to see the loopholes in the seam leak into the ray of warm sun, stunning moment the thin cold heart, but, fireworks Saatchi vacated while it is also gorgeous immediate end.Do not you see, fireworks and easy cold frangible busy, but also an end to the dust monopoly situation Past.    Warm blossomed into solitude as simple as the return of the past, is losing gradually leaving soon scattered sigh sigh, my heart a little cool, but it would not head back, as if life had not been met.    These days, intermittent snow kept outside, the whole world seems to Dihuai are in a trough, a lot of people are lazy.Idle, and it has been lying curled on the couch for a long time to buy a look at a few of the meditation but neglect to read the books or the Internet to see some asperata abuse made series, in order to find a reasonable reason to own decadence.    In fact, hardcover illustrated edition of the “Palace of Peach Blossom Fan” has been my special favor of classic literary masterpiece.But this book is compiled according to the original play text mode, both the lyrics, but also the spoken parts, also more uncommon words, it can not help but read some jerky that caress caress to go, holding the book being read to see the comment, just procrastination now.    Both books were written a classical tragedy two love romance, but as the night sky shining the brightest pair of Gemini, sparkling embraced the classical opera theater world, become immortal Sinology.    Rather, I prefer two opera Palace of Eternal Youth kindness or a little more.Perhaps a child Qi Yan heard sad tales Mawei, with preconceived recognized several times over and over again so fly and browsing are mostly staying pursuit of “Forever and Ever,” the eternal theme of love in the “Palace of Eternal Youth” in on.    When the “July 7 Palace of Eternal Youth, middle of the night when no one whisper.In days like to make pair of lovebirds, trees with branches to the ground.Forever and sometimes do, sorrow was everlasting!”Po Chu” soul-stirring Everlasting Regret “is described in more interpretation of the people in the pursuit of the ideal of love and hope in a better, more than a sustenance, a charmed.    Dust, saw a lot of shallow edge of the deep edge, walked, sometimes tend to a rise of a turn, he encounters a beautiful love.So, on the road alone, we are no longer alone, we walked hand in hand all the way Delicate Winalite years, through the flowers and trees owned group of jungle, rain started falling through the bridge, through the ice, through the desert, culminating in finger Covenant days sworn in, went to the handle of the old.    This is love, who promise a happy future, I will grant you the same affection, even if it is “a break full of love peach fan, two Yan fly home country die”, but also willing to adhere to the “tough as wire in pampas grass in the displaced , rock-free transfer “of loyalty.    Between heaven and earth, leaving people ride is abandoned to spend obsession, has nothing to do with the love affair, only for a pure love Qiannian.    Acacia without a break, riding the smoke from Rongrong month, hand in hand all the way, Oh that peers and the king.