I was three feet deep sea, but you offshore seven light-years

There are two people atrium, a happy home, a home to grief, do not laugh too loud, or will wake next to grief.When my River of Sorrow, whether you will have a hint of love, the love of my once happy, smiling.But you three feet in the deep sea, but I offshore seven light-years.You are ruthless, heartless Or I?Again so we just each other in life passer.With you, I have the fortune, lost in my life.To me, can you hold hands, and grow old?Life is ultimately deserted crossing, even we ourselves are passing If love is a non-love is not.You are my non-love is not the man, but I will not stay that you always stop that.I lost three lost four do not lose you, you said road, overturned half of the walk, do not a stalker.Now, I’m indifferent to you.remember.After me, you can not afford to climb.World’s most remote distance is not me in front of you, you do not know that I love you.But we obviously stone’s throw away, but my heart is in deep sea three feet, your heart was wandering in the offshore seven light-years.It never seemed insurmountable gap, but also some kind of doomed, never met, without mentioning miss?    Miss is sugar, sweet to sad.I say goodbye, goodbye really want.You say goodbye, really it seems to no longer see.You say that a lot of people do not need good-bye, because it is only passing.Forgetting is the best memory we give to each other.You say forget, how can easily forgotten?You say commemorate, how can discipline not only read?You casually over, I really idiotic.Happy when you listen to music.Sad, you begin to understand the lyrics.Happy when you see is fiction.Sad, you begin to understand the text.Happy when I see you.Sad, I began to understand your heart.I find I do not love the chase vigorous life, but also love my Mo better to find a flat light over a lifetime.Do not say I have changed, but you do not know me.Between you, to be continued.Between us, there is always identical.    How I wish you years of quiet good, then fireworks smoke.But, you say I do not know, this is the distance?Etc. and range, I have waited for.With care, I have care about, How about you?Even if unequal, even if do not care, do not break my heart, because it is you live, I’m afraid you will hurt.There are some things, some things about you.I want more, headache.Figured out, heartache.I do not want to, and afraid of the pain.In fact Aihenjiandan, you treat it the title of trouble, in fact, only once, hand in hand, on behalf of the forever.Aihenjiandan In fact, as long as you have a mind me, never not alone.I was insecure, with your company, no longer afraid of tomorrow.You trouble, because you do not mind me, because you do not want to accompany me.Strike, if you well, is sunny.I hope some day you’ll remember, I have silently, hopelessly loved you.I worked you open this door, you open only one person, now, I want it shut.Because, probably, you do not love me.    It was very short, happy to laugh, not happy to smile back later.I have told you, as long as you are, giggle, smile, cheap laugh, all good.Wait, not for you to come back, but to find an excuse not to leave.Do not leave, I will have an excuse to indulge yourself.Not everyone, are suitable for you and grow old.Some people, is used to grow; some people are used to living together; you are brought a lifetime miss.    Woman lasting remember a man, perhaps because a song, a dance, a promise.Men lasting remember a woman, not because of a song, a dance, not a promise.I was three feet deep sea, but you offshore seven light-years.