Exposure “Jiang Xue”

Qianshan bird must, million tracks were off track.  Boat PC World Weng, fishing alone trees and snow.    Space Mountain faint, scattered rain, heavy snow is long, but not terraced rice paddies, the full-scale picture melt into the white world.A boat, a pole, a Li, a Weng, completely white world, the only one dot.The screen is so quiet, mind mapping, relaxed and happy, peace of mind.Sitting in a boat head, cast fishing pole, not for food, only to snow as partners.    Winter is over, spring has come, spring might come, like of winter is strong.Today, the northern snow, across the land, south of the temperature drop, chill struck.Value at this time, snow vehicle moving, clear the path to sweep the streets, clear the road, northern land of white gauze instantly burst, without the slightest poetic.    Vary widely, thousands of fun, his thoughts drifted, leave the secular, into the “River Snow”, very fun.    To the wind, blowing emotions, blown back to the cold north, blowing, “Jiang Xue” World.Gordon alone boat, light moving boats, fluctuations in the river, but not color, great, full of snow, snow marks across, bridging the twinkling of an eye.Do not force, do not have hard, boats floated slowly forward, the line to the river, the river nor swing, leaving only a touch of white.    Looked up, the left is the white mountains, white mountain front, right side of the mountain is still white, mountains everywhere, a former anti-green, are covered with a light make-up.Snow, without the slightest pretense, without the slightest enchanting, makeup also significantly majestic, also significantly integrity.Slowly white, undulating connected to the carving, cutting water chestnut, are elegant, are soft.    Look, mountain road, the path is not identified, but no antecedents, but no path, and from The track is completely bedding, white and Manshan trail of white blend, blend color, barricaded school.Recall that, in the past, people travel over the mountains, thanks to visit family friends, are all busy, all in a hurry.Today, deserted mountains, without the slightest trace of the line, and the birds disappeared, do not want to disturb the quiet, in the past pedestrians surely home, and rest in peace.    Afar, river path length, with one of the white ribbon, distant stretches, round the base, winding the distance.There is no sunlight, this Bai Yiqing bright, dazzling white greeted a pleasure arises spontaneously moving.A huge white cloth covered the river, without the slightest flaw, to cover up the water, it’s so amazing wide cloth, white cloth which is mind when the eye, which makes long cloth Concerned nothing, this cloth from heaven, from natural good fortune.Natural creatures, gods, extremely fine, so who can weave white brocade?Only natural.    Bow, boats touched the snow, slightly heard “rustling” sound, this sound clear ear, and makes a sound so sweet, it is full of joy.Close your eyes, your own facility fairy, floating out the window, distractions, only happiness and Happy as partners.Opened his eyes, the face of increasingly bright white, and capsules of snow seem so clear, think about this flick snow, but also fear of complete destruction of this white, this white fear of dirt sacred, fear disturb this beautiful white.    His back, blue sky with white, snow and earth should, as a huge quilt, spread over the earth.To earth as a white pad to the sky white as being a open mind, this seems to hold things in the world, unlimited extension.In this white world of sleep and enjoy in this white world, unrestrained in this white world, where white world quietly suck the essence of this nature.Ethereal world, the leisurely boat, deep sky, very distant, take away all the unhappy heart, take away all the dust this world.Pale sky, pure heart, I do not know the net net wash the hearts of the sky, or that the hearts of the net inclusive of net sky.    Breathing, a chill, suddenly thrust heart, flowing spread, full of comfort.Clear cool, without the slightest dust, white gas exhaled slowly died away, the body seems impurities, completely out, dirty wash away the inner.Qianshan into the river, not only wash the body, cleanse the mind more, and I feel even more comfortable, with a satisfied, happy with, enjoy breath, enjoy this cool fresh cold.    Excitement, pleasure, enjoyment, can not help but feel that between heaven and earth, he is the most happy people, with happiness on his back, lying quietly bow, gradually with drowsiness, blurred eyes of the world has gradually.