Drops of ink silent

A man, a lamp, a pen, a Su Jian, they have a rich inner world.Crossing the road to the depths of the soul, it is best accompanied by night.I do not know I was lost in the night in rich, or it between my drunk text.In short, no sleep tonight, put himself in a suspended state, the ink drop silent.    I do not know since when, like the night, fell in love with easeful.Out the window, black was pitch-dark, but I clearly see the gorgeous colors, like candlelight dream, reveals a hint of warmth to lure my soul.They call silent, seemed so ethereal, elegant.I was so weak and unable to resist, obsession sink.I do not know when, like this text have spiritual will never be in love with loneliness.Perhaps only wander in solitude, I can see the front and find the true self.    In fact, loneliness is a virtue, an inner beauty.At least not an exaggeration, not play, do not deviate from the correct life lost in the course.Wait until the dead of night, conditioning their mentality, finishing a good mood disorder, untied confused mind, quietly enjoying the solitude of aesthetic.The woman fell in love with the text, if the light breeze, quiet as Chih water, and if the rareness, exudes a hint of fragrance, it contains extraordinary temperament Color of Life.Often, the soul walk in the quiet of the text, the tonal feel the rhythm of the rhythm, learned to dialogue with the soul and words, words pale embroidered life.    Tonight, I’m in a text, ink drops silent, wrote a warm himself, to find a ray of fleeting taste, let the truth solidified into eternal soul of the collision.Indoors, a pot of ivy Chlorophytum, in the dim light in dark green surging, put poise.Slender slender vines, is leisurely and carefree shake ah shake, shake out the swing dream.Suddenly I wanted to laugh, but is afraid to come to the sudden laughter disturbed thoughts.It turned out that the woman fell in love with words, really naive.She can touch the eyes of every place, all imagined so beautiful, if a wan Zen feathers, flashing a hint of soft thin light, consisting of a transparent glass body in the breath of the text in.    Drops of ink silent, their minds clear.Every place through the heart, have left faint of heart incense.Maybe, I am not a seductive beauty, nor is it a nourishing the heart of the talented woman, playing with only a few lines of text is not a chapter in the lonely space to fill an inner void, aimless soul placement.In fact, the literal sense of smell ,, even if it is hidden in human nature that a trace of hypocrisy, will sell your soul.Text, clear eyes, heart Jingan.I want a person to jump into the open night.Then, letting run free, to get rid of the heavy Red scores on the body and mind, feel at ease, no trace of distractions mood.Only in this realm, the soul can be sublimated, Zen enlightenment thoroughly that in a world where people breathe freely.    Night is strong, silent drops of ink.A woman fall in love with the text, tempting scent of ink in between, with the heart, quietly building built in one’s harem.It is said that the text itself is a dream of cutting body, loving woman text and more love to dream.Dream, beautiful, beautiful and impressive, people could not bear to wake.And, most gentle is her heart.From the inside out, he exudes a breath of text, faint scent of ink.Even if ink drops into mourning, but also a dense poignant.If you know her, hiding in the stillness, gently smell of incense scattered heart, blissful silence, all the way Xiang Pei, this is enough.Wait until tea millet flowers, spring evening light years away, is the memory of a string of air-dried, while being on the Yuet Wah, covered the night sky, and you steady.    Fog rain smoke: QQ1474324171