Do not let the memory of a dream tie road

There are people who forget those important days, but rotating windmill but let back in time to start, time to look back, those lost youth, no longer perfect, miss those friends, no longer around.It is also alone in the campus islets that tree, that a window fan, which layers of floor.It will be recalled in the blue sky a wish that this life is not separated, even if ends of the earth, we still brothers.But the harsh reality of society, fairy-tale love, friendship risking his own life, where is still now.Can only look up to the stars, the moon to express thoughts, drink and a laugh, let alcohol intoxication heart, get rid of loneliness.    Music is the world’s most beautiful language, it allows us to listen to the cry, can listen to the laughter, you can not think those days are not together, so that their full power, flying his own, charm.We can go to discuss music, you can go to belittle the music, but we can not understand the music, I listen to music that my heart is beating along with it, it gives me the most helpless, the most sentimental, most happy when I share body.The pursuit of music, people, enjoy beauty, Beethoven in his eyes, insomnia, lower deaf, so also adhere to the pursuit of music, when he was in his home, and no one knows what he is, but remember the music he also let the world know who his great musician, we can yung willing to ordinary, but it is not willing to ordinary, mediocre can not achieve our dream, but an extraordinary achievement I could dream of success, we are all ordinary people , but we can not extraordinary perseverance to create a miracle, like Beethoven, remember that adhere to faith, let the world see you.    Poetry is now a symbol of ancient civilization and civilization, it allows us to pick up the pen squander those times, passing record and will soon gone, and now record the distant future, and experienced what happened sadness and happiness.I like poetry, prose like, I like the elegant and beautiful things, you can go sustenance hope, and look to the future, it allows me the Midas touch, so I can understand the world from a historical thing happened to the future, perhaps not always beautiful It is a fairy tale.You said Bai too official, that the person may not know, you say how much Li Bai wrote a famous, almost everyone knows, writer Lu Xun participated in the revolutionary movement, maybe you and I have not heard, we know from the shamisen Lu Xun Random House started, the achievements of Li Bai’s poems, prose achievements of Lu Xun, laughing life, it really rustling geometry!Misery, with the exception of the Yangtze River water east or like it!    Do not settle for mediocrity and lonely people, do yourself brave, take a step, and a step back, is both a world, a world is colorful and splendid, a world is flat water, I chose the first one, so doomed after my way to go, not only for myself, the more I love and who love me, I am willing to pay, because they are my most strong backing, thank you all the way there, I love the people, who though I did not mention that, but my heart she, you should know.Friends when we remember the dead youth, to do things without success, and now time is money, what are you waiting for tomorrow, to change themselves, now carrying the burden arriving heaven you want to reach the Holy Land , success has been waving like you.    Title in Wuhu Phoenix 13.Fives.8