Dawn, whisper

Beautiful but eat only a little text, but the warmest dawn of the first ray of sunshine.- Inscription morning, opened the window, a cool wind came, fragrant kind of soil, while with silent bleak taste, strong cold air, hovering in the air, the entire piece of land shrouded in impenetrable atmosphere, at the moment, the world seems to still silence, time seems to still slumbered, this unusual heavy feeling, really suffocating.Things not only there is a way forward, the Sky City at this time pulling you in more than one state, on the one hand it heavy going breathtaking, on the other hand hazy glowing colors, so the whole world in front of you both cold, suffocation, but also vague, romantic.    But to be honest I do not like at the moment winter morning, winter had not only claimed the passion of all things, let things in the world has emerged as a bleak bleak picture, plus the morning, the wind whistling outside, and the room warm, constitute a powerful convection, the impact of my mind, so warm quilt, but also braved the cold to go, really make it difficult subject, so winter took my passion, one winter I just like a fool, wearing a thick jacket shuttle in the wind, shivering cold, but also to the hustle and bustle of the world, plus the morning will always be with you in resisting struggling to resist, but it also wins away my youth, a winter mean I have to old one year old, long life, so go step by step.So do not even like winter, as now, a new love, a sad, always walking time is always fast, perhaps afraid of the winter hide away all life, the slightest without leaving a trace, time is always something gifts , so when it senses in order to allow people to life really existed, the air was always vague drift with the passage of taste.    Morning, always after the baptism all night the night before the show in front of people, because the night of the attack, the air full of the taste of silence out of indifference, coupled with the winter morning is always a lot of blows, how many worry, those leaves, as if unwilling to attack the years, although life ruins, do endure wind blows, desperately swagger in the ground in time, and so retain Zhao Renqu.    Years will not give you too much sadness, life will not let you always struggling in the darkness, some of compassion will always be nostalgic recollections of the common people, so some beautiful things will always come to the party to light up the world.As the moment of the sun from the horizon to break through a layer of thin cold, their love will be poured earth.At the moment of the morning, the sun was surrounded by the gentle warmth of the love, grandparents up morning exercise, some of the moisture to get inside the sun to dry, at the moment they like the color of youth.The children run in the sun, laughing, innocent laughter, to bring a trace of life in winter, some of the mothers who took the stool sitting in front of the sun, the neighbors occasionally through, talking together, bustling.    Is warm to hold in my arms, at the moment, I’m always in the gentle embrace of the sun in, dressed in turn to books, some of the history of thoughts in drying time, the scholarly always wrapped me with the sun, let me drown in the scholarly world.    Morning sun is beautiful, it can drive away the dark, dawn sun is warm, very warm with the soft power, it is not the moon, the moon too cold, it is not the noon sun, too much swagger glare , it is like a wonderful music, note, strength, gentleness, strength, just right, and always will be the story to a climax, every time the first rays of morning sun rises, night and day contest, with the cold warm contest, began to appear immediately when the sun rises in the east of the moment.Finally, with the sun rising slowly during the day and night will be completely engulf the whole world into another situation, so Dawn separated Ridge.    Life is always half awake, enjoy the taste alone in the dark, lonely night will be tasted in.When living in the dark, lonely sad not always conscious erosion of the body, such as vine, like sad, your heart fiercely trapped in prison, sometimes will especially want to escape, want out of this world, did not come to a sad, the place did not disappoint, to hide their own good.But no matter how you go trying some sadness always they go hand in hand, as the night the earth is to have been surrounded by darkness inside, perhaps dissatisfied with the night sky erosion, by lamplight, to embrace the world.But those lonely shadow will always be sad swagger, so you can not hide.Looking at the front end of the road I do not know where, do not know where you are, I will not gallop as the train disappeared in the sea of people, who I am, I come from, where I want to go?Why am I sad, why sometimes when I even do not know who he is, and where to go?At this time, you will feel to a wandering child, where East Meets West?    Maybe there will be many sad life, leaving many people regret, sad, let us down when we feel in the dark too long, when we come to the stage when head feel, and so long as the sun will always be about and to warm sprinkling the earth.    Nib always flowing sweat mind, some thought lingering in a dream.    You say, time is a river, flowing slowly and far away, I do not know what’s up ahead, perhaps stormy sea, perhaps to a calm, I do not know what the years bring us, we wade across the river, do not care that will leave deep a shallow marks, they may be watered down time, perhaps buried river water that wave hit the shore to play the waves, that is years in the air, leaving a little star.Bright, eye-catching, like this time walking with, we just walk forward, when we reach the end of life, or as time forward, any time changes, mountains and rivers still in force is changed.    Pretrial flower fly sky, night frost white as cotton, shred time under a tree, in front of the window, in the eyes of the old man, in that one end of the horizon, such as a glow about, not just a dream pity the rain outside the window at the moment the name of banana leaves, lingering just listen to the sound in the darkness, swirling in the rain, how many people in time of sadness, this time in the graceful, always live, even if the face of old time, their predecessors will read the story over and over again, or in this Shaoguang, as always, year after year to spend in peace.    Leaves in the wind round and round, you want to stop, he was all the way to the wind, everything is not as good as people would like, nature, plants and trees, too, want to break out the grass fall, but the years of reincarnation called him, in the fall when, quiet old, it covered a land of leaves, grass was brown, there were not round the years change, at the moment, death is so calm and quiet, like a dream Shaohua, and eventually became everlasting air.    Gray walls, wash the dust through the years, the dusty old times, to meet with future time, at this moment of time, the different hair fascinating, and that bits and pieces of moss, covered the walls, we can follow the moss those in the past to find the footprints scattered.That mark is the result of years grizzled rinsing, as if once the interpretation of the story, permanent bearing in mind the time, but also like to tell something, wondering what, let the whole wall in time, the extremely quiet, peaceful, calm how many heroes are submerged in history, only these walls over time, and more and more dazzling, it carries the history of the past, but also to undertake a mission now, not only heavy, but has a long history.    As an old man sitting under the windowsill, she leaned against the trees, his eyes stare very calm and peaceful, not what to see ups and downs in her eyes, perhaps her life, once peerless elegance, perhaps her life has always been like this , no ups and downs, just like at the moment her eyes as pure as washing, perhaps this is the highest state of man, the heart no one, no dust alight.    The thin cold written affectionate, looking for that touch of warmth to others moved to warm themselves in the depths of the years.    Life seems a splendid blooming, spring has gone back to find solitude in the heart, the pleasure in looking sad in.    Sometimes, standing in Mojiancazhong flow of people, the heart will gush sense of moving.I think how easily a person’s life, we should live the life of these feel warm, filled with fireworks as a mortal happy.Perhaps one day we will leave, will no period after.Knows is true, and heartless as some minor miss, make profound harm?Heartless to have a go back and make a tragic addiction.    So that in the years to come, too beautiful to some poetry, some of the past as clouds, dawn whisper in guarding lonely fireworks.Is this not a kind of salvation life, for a life of repayment.But everything will be the last person to the clouds, that a ray of sunshine in time will become a touch of the deepest moved, something the fate of some deep-rooted, will eventually go through the mist-shrouded, poke and see the dawn.