Cool autumn alone

Autumn, the night sometime, the coldest month with Gambhir, middle of the night do not sleep; people do not sleep, Han Xiaofeng, Tim melancholy, midnight listening to the wind chaos — Inscription autumn wind lifted the curtain ruthless, cold-hui on the cutting edge like coldness, through through the glass window to pale reflection of the wall, the instantaneous an inexplicable chill spread to the entire cabin of the tide coming fast and furious, once again I tightly surrounded.No sleep, but also a sleepless long night, listen to the autumn wind blows, melancholy look moon solitary, cold-hui will be my lonely figure pull the old long, seem to bring me into an endless black hole, difficult breathing, choking, chest tightness, chest blocked inexplicable things, choking back tears, speechless.Lonely is the night breeding chronic cancer, like poppy, like Tears of Blood of Roses, in the middle of the night charm me half-drunk half awake, again and again want to escape, but it is deeper fall.    Accompanied by the cold months Hui, just a drunk person alone, turn off all the sound-related things, exiled himself to silence and cold of space, discard earthly annoyance, shield outside noise, turn off the fascination of music, it so clean himself thoroughly placed in a vacuum-like world, the invasion of any foreign objects must not only remain a dream of leading export.    Dream, perhaps this is the only point cease lonely night, good and bad love and hate, access to and loss, pain and wounds, can be implanted like a cinematic dream, afraid of being spy on people, start slowly, let it bare in psychedelic and mysterious cause in the environment, not speech, everything will be all clear.Relieve depression, get rid of all the shackles and then is complete relief.Fall in love with the night became lonely souls.    Looking at the white ceiling, I looked gazing, mind wandering.Childhood memories, moonlit, autumn is cool, laughter Lang Lang, Once upon a time, all the earth rolling flood buried, like withered flowers, withered in the cold season.Inter have been trying to follow the shadow of time to trace the dream of the past, under the blue Sky flying dream of hope, the bright moon to express romantic feelings in the air, listen to the gurgling spring water like the graceful melody playback in mind.Love PASSING, a dream wedding day, with a little bit of warm memories soothe tonight lonely hearts.    Midnight, the bell sounded mountains, near and far if, resounded through the sky, the hustle and bustle of the city and the bustling crowd, gradually disappearing in the dark of night, all they attributed to the quiet.The autumn sky, a quiet month alone vacant, no stars accompany them, it is particularly desolate, sleepless Once again, I got up and leaning out of windows only hope, and months of shadow, cold and lonely I month, at the moment the Red companion, embracing Xiangxi month child, you may wish to make my beloved, middle of the night to go?I only wish to make your actor, long drunken wake.Autumn breeze blowing, hastily walk through patches of cloud, it seems to be headed in whose arms?    Always used to a person, in the deep of the night, alone, lonely taste, chew bitter.People often say that loners have refused to disturb, fear of loneliness strikes, singing alone in the silence of the world, solo, like a lily bloom alone, dying alone.A person can laugh, you can burst into tears, can speak freely, can silence like gold, or even can do whatever they.Like lonely people actually like the freedom of a person’s world, ideas are free to ride, like a runaway horse, running in the vast grasslands, blue sky, white clouds, green grassland, gurgling water, grazing of Swagger Shaonian Lang, Liaoning bright high-pitched voice, it was the ranch of my heart, longing heart.Only a man of quiet, can fulfill me, letting me have to get along with hoofs, follow the shadow of time, out on a date this soul.    Month child has gone, gradually chilling wind, the night darkens.Familiar and unique ring tones, inertia sounded, my back to the harsh reality from yearning for a better, no reason to disturb this immaculate dream.Did not rebuke his disturbed, but deliberately press the red button, this moment of quiet, do not allow anyone to break; this moment of their sleep, do not allow anyone to disturb; this piece of sky belongs only to me and the moon phase Yong, and autumn lingering.    Pink memories, gray reality, memories and reality contrast, sprint my sensory nerves from the visual, beating, black and white silent world, it is joy limit.The moment of birth, we will be thrown in the colorful, complicated troubled times Red, half the flow Li River, wandering twists and turns, with a strong camouflage, hide dark heart hurt, try to be brave, so brave it towards the end of life.From the complex return to simple, from wandering attributed to quiet, from the shimmering attributed to black and white silent, this is the real world of luxury.Tonight, a man of the world, black and white silent, very calm and quiet, never had the feeling of serenity, like a slowly flowing stream, walk through the heart.