Chen Zhihong: Do not let the dull grind of life in our hearts

Gradually, we have grown up.Repeat every day is a day of days, and as time goes on, more and more we learned, in fact, a lot of things you can not care about.We become more and more simple, but also more and more dull. But, a lot of the time, we live in a polished edges and corners, but also polished up our hearts. A few friends in for dinner, Taobao had to make a comparison of this year’s mood is not good, because his business will be worse than in previous years.He said that in previous years, very happy, what do not dry, can also have more than ten thousand a month.To work a lot more comfortable than, well you can play everywhere. I said, do their own words, small business, and only a relatively difficult start, the road is to copy a copy. But in fact, we know from his words, he, like many of us, is repeated. Three years ago because he was a month can earn ten thousand, last year or this year, only 5,000 of the estimated.And he did not know how to do it?Do not know how to open a shop it?Actually know.But he did not do. Later we have also discussed this point, because several graduate, has also had a great happiness. Which had to make the most artists are also happy the.Since he graduated up to now no change employer. His company is with his people, four of the beginning, back to six people, now we have a six individuals. And he had graduated six years.He was okay because the technology, so wages okay, every day is happily ever after.Next time, then went out to play, the next drink, then lay the cards, then return to work the next day, do not be afraid of wind and rain. Anyway, wages are something to collar.And he also knew from the first day of the Chinese New Year this year, how much money could get a year. Perhaps many people will think of a bad day like this.In fact, just fine.Many are the envy of many. Why is this world so there is a lot of people want to find a civil servant.Many people want the civil service exam. But, we can suddenly find that the day is dull, is happy, but it really will be a day to the world. Watching her friends time to buy a house, a car, we’ll just start thinking, we have to work hard.Gradually, as if we all numb.There are efforts, too, no effort too, wages remain the same holding. So, gradually, we all used to it.As if this is our life. In life, we are really a lot of people are like this. Once home many times, I will go to a place to refuel Dehua, of course, this place is on the way.And is a relatively large gas station, there is one point, one of my primary school classmates refueling in those people. He very early, when I was in high school, he did not read, I go help them refuel. Always there.Of course, in the middle, on several occasions, he would ask, does anyone know the gas station, you can recommendation. We also asked, I know what to do ah gas station.He said, want to change jobs, I would like to ask, there is no higher wages gas station.He said, still help people cheer.But we certainly did not know, there is understanding, and certainly also in the field. And he wants is our home.So hard to be helped. But for him, I am not envious, of course, there is no sympathy, I was thinking, if he was in the beginning, it was to guide him.Or change environment, perhaps days later he will be a little richer.At least a share of the heart. But has been doing the same work, but only a simple, happy beginning, later becomes more boring. Gradually also, we have seen more than a, you will find, in fact, everyone really has a way to go for everyone.But the heart anyway, or to progress.Because if not progress, repeated, repeated day, the day really repeat. Another point, a lot of the time, in fact, our little changed, then we will become much richer life, a lot of wonderful.Most importantly, the rich, in a wonderful, we can still harvest a little, then we really make a. There is a fellow, also in Fuzhou, his father said several times, if I have to go back, must find ways to help him take back what.Because I have a car, I knew he was not wanted their children fuel costs, but have to go back, really back together. Because the elderly, really hope that their children can Huijia look, especially at the holidays. But every time I find him, he is saying, busy recently, if you go back 300 full attendance award, there is no.If you go back, 100 subsidies this month, there is no.So, a lot of the time, about him, I gonna help him. Before the very beginning, I will tell him.I said, the general direction is wrong, how do all of no use. I said, you now want is to find ways to learn a technique.Even if not, you have a lot to read books. Early on, I say, take my books with some of the past to him.And he said,.He can not look at the.Even if I get past the mandatory, he also put the book there.Never could see, inside the bookmarks, which page or pages on which. In fact, efforts are very important, but not much wrong direction.And what is the general direction, that is up. Because we found that many people in our hard work at the site, they tilted his legs in the school, bubble sister, in?Years later, we were still the site, they have civil servant, still his legs, bubble MM. The main thing is that they have bought a house, married a beautiful wife, and wherever with flowers and applause. Like people, the efforts we are better than them.Why was not as good as they do. In our ordinary life, the polished edges and corners, but also polished our hearts. They, although very plain, but has been up in the heart is.In fact, in life, some people really been up. We see a lot of people go to college, too, would have major universities, the result of playing the game every day to go to school.Diploma barely got back, but to develop a character that play the game, do not like to work, after all, can only do basic work. But many of the original junior high school, high school graduation.Learn some skills, both as a 5-star hotel manager, some by business, are also in a lot of money into, live in good house, a good car is good. The same day, there is really not the same people, some people, even in the dull days, the heart is still up. In my group, there are individuals, Ali used to do, earn more than 10,000 a month.Getting goods from Huaqiang North.Then sell.Engage in more than 2 years.Anyway, the day or the previous day has been.The article began with my friend, like most. But later, there are times, Alibaba hold events, the clerk several times to let him go. He went to the back, there is a sale of ceramics, earn 3 million a year.Ali also rely on a Pu. And this man quiet life, has finally been broken, and he was very strong execution, immediately to cooperate, then make a transition ceramics. Now this man earn 300,000 a year, and certainly progress slowly. We can think of next, if he had not gone out, master did not see that way, and my heart has not been touched down, then she is no way of progress.Another point is her strong executive power.But there is progress, progress will be more. Why is it looks like, because of that heart, the heart is still, everything is still the.I thought progress, progress will. And life is like this, very plain, but we must think of the progress of efforts. I like that a fingerstyle playing games that friends, that do Fuqing advertising, as well as the open bar.Although there are primary school.But they really have been reading, they have written a lot of plans, has been optimized. And they see all of the business books, management books are, though, some of them 30 a few, are some of the few 50.But because they have been thinking about progress.So, even if older then a big, dull boring day again, they have also been progress. Original text, Chen Zhihong micro-channel / QQ: 838504315, welcome to add.