Cabbage Love

“Cabbage is a treasure, surpass Ganoderma grass”, “cabbage soup, healthy longevity”, “Da Guocai cabbage noodles, eat healthy no disease disaster.”.Childhood heard the jingle, now savor, but I feel like affinity, so real.  Chinese cabbage growing season is about one hundred days or so.Premature long untrue, reach the purpose of the harvest; a little too late harvesting is not timely easily frozen in the ground.”Beginning of winter vegetables can not afford, do not blame God,” said the beginning of winter weather can mutations, may at any time snow manor.So, every year around the beginning of winter cabbage began to market, it is the time winter storage cabbage.  Early years of the country, everyone has a cellar storage cabbage for storing some of the winter carrot and cabbage.In those years, water shortage in the mountains, very little planting cabbage.Before and after the beginning of winter, uncle and cousin over the mountains, sent ten a few cabbage, mother carefully sorted and packaged into the storage cellar, a winter so another winter.  To the relatives, the mother took out a cabbage, cut several times on, put some noodles and tofu, boil a pot of warm Da Guocai, as fragrance, so delicious.We also took the opportunity to once greedy Mimi solution.Event of the festival, and occasionally eat a meal of cabbage stuffed dumplings.  Often the way home, looked at the curl of smoke, it is always looking forward, it must be Da Guocai, not a look, a bit disappointed.That year the winter solstice, my brother came back to visit relatives, snowstorms, especially in cold weather.Mother boil a pot of cabbage, pork, noodles, tofu Da Guocai, I am a person ate two bowls.  Twenty years later, we often see Da Guocai, think of stormy winter, think winter snowstorms in the steaming Da Guocai.Later in the day, I do not know how many Da Guocai eaten, however, never eat a mother boil Da Guocai taste.  Cold winter, often eating cabbage, mother carefully put the cabbage root on the plate, add water every day, but within few days, silently germinate, grow green leaves, pale yellow crushing out flowers, exudes faint fragrance.From this plates of tender cabbage flowers in, we can look forward to the not too distant spring day, warm and sunny spring day.  Before the army, I heard that troops often can eat pork stew noodles Da Guocai, will be some surprises.In actual fact, northwest of the year, over the same shortage of preserved vegetables, digging in the cellar of that, in addition to a small amount of wax gourd is potato.Potato silk morning, noon, potato chips, the potato pieces at night.Rarely eat fresh cabbage several times, only once a year, dozens of days of training camp before eat cabbage.  That era has gone.Today’s winter, people no longer have to worry about a bite on.I live near the area, is the largest one in Xingtai markets, gem covered with a variety of vegetables, everything.Fine food, fine food, Chinese food, foreign food, called on the name of the dish, called on the name of the dish, the dish will be able to buy what to buy.Up to now, farms in some dishes not eaten, also known as the name does not ring a dish.  Hundred dishes as cabbage.So far, Chinese cabbage complex still can not let go.Yesterday, the autumn wind autumn fall, suddenly cool, I went to the market to buy a dozen to a few stripped clean of cabbage, stored in the basement.As a cheaper price, and second, a lot easier to eat.District where Zhang bought cabbage will see me say hello: brother, sister-in-law to eat Sunday boil Da Guocai!  I guess, inexpensive, a wide variety of vegetables a seller’s market, like me, love to eat cabbage in today, Chinese cabbage soft spot for people who may not be a minority, because it is home cooking, rich and poor are love, both young and old should.