Blue and white

The past is well, now I have to leave their homes, but farther and farther.Years is a window, and now I have a window overlooking the frequency, but can not see themselves.I do not want to hear the echo of the past, the years of reflection I do not want to see, but I think tonight.I think.Recover their original look like water the night made me uneasy tonight shadowed moonlight time I was so lonely stretch of time do not go, do not go – Excerpt from “time do not go” gently you go, take your exhausted, with my doubts.  The passage of time, those flowers timely fall, yellow leaves fluttering in the season you have come back, I had occasionally guess your mood is relaxed or lost, afraid of feeling sorry for myself, so stop comment.Memory can not be repeatedly applied ointment to heal wounds, every time your return is silent, not saying anything, maybe you do not come back to see me, just here to pay homage to once spend years.  But also thinking about a little bit forgotten commitment to each other, our stubborn kind of grievances with each other, either in the blue and white keepsake covered with dust in time, a snow blockade.I said that people always want to separate, you are passing; you said you’d been in, can not wait until you get the sea become Kuwata not disappear, the original so-called commitment also arrived, but the blossom season, but young frivolous casually said.That time commitment, and now want to come, be together all the pain.  Some people say that the stars of the night talking, it does not tell you what I think?Cold weather, I began to hibernate, like a snake.A user said he was a little tendency to depression, I laughed and said I’ve been too nervous breakdown.In this era of instant, time and time again in the corrosion years I have black and blue, can only lie on the beach sun, dry air ever dream of, forgive me, I have time to care about a silly person’s pain, I also you can not warm the cold.  Cold wind hit, bully lonely, bitter-free patches of autumn maple mail.Zeng Xiang Xi, and separation, Chunsheng autumn and winter snow fall, yellow paper lamp in the empty ink, write red letterhead small print, v clear chance encounter, ends of the earth, live the Yangtze River head, I live in the Yangtze River tail, once eachother eventually escape but the years, and sub-sub-Hehe, the taste of the hardest.I stood in the river years, the stop Looking back, looking casual moment to see your presence.If the person is not doomed love and care, then I am willing broke blue and white keepsake, leaving only a drop of Tears spin in the whirlpool of thoughts.  Jiangnan tenderness, Rainy hazy, I wander in your long long dream, willing Jun heart like my heart, like this live Acacia Italy.Even south of Hua Xie, Saibei Piao, I will still be there waiting, waiting for you to pass by again, took my hands blue token languishing, my people go.  Rangers have a lot of time in this city, seeing a lot of joys and sorrows, frustration and sadness.Wide Chang’an Street, crowded One line, there is always a group of people walking lonely in the crowd, love becomes a luxury.A person is said to be rather aloof, I do not want to live under the banner of the name of two people barely living.  On sunny days, I tidy dress, without any tie him down my luggage, the beginning of a journey without a purpose, I am full of curiosity and expectations of the way of landscapes and figures.At this moment the onset of winter, I was able to marvel at the northern sky so blue elated uncovered.My heart is like a little lonely city.There are cemeteries in the city, home to survivors.  Pick to make the cold branch where habitat?  Think back to the south have been left for several months, without your city, moonlight deserted, people are indifferent.  Read over and over again, thousands of miles Lakeshore, dusk dark Chutian wide.Another year over the beginning of winter, the most pity Canhong blown off, Mei Kaisheng snow.Just swing off, the last person with whom the child now?  After this went on, any cold wind West Frontier month.Time you took, I took, broke blue and white keepsake, read not read.