At every step, or lost to speed

Will often see a lot of people in order to live and work, but also see a lot of people have direction, but when we look at them seriously, in fact, they like us, many years later, did not much progress. Who is like this, maybe we are still leisurely, but many people are quietly walked around in our. Chat with friends, old friends say my little project, I always say the project is too big friend.Fight to the end we did not have to convince anyone, so to the back, we say that no matter who’s who of big small, and to see the results, but the results do not say. The above is the story a few years ago, but now I certainly can not compare him, because he was about more than. In college really did not take into account the speed of this issue, because we are all the same things, the same way.Even if you compare the way, you will be able to read it back down, but the next day, I used the most earth approach can back. His methods even if it is right, but also to attend night classes, but also to participate in the Morning Reading.So look out. But graduation came out, a lot of things are really quite different.Some people have not gone to college, very young, also like us scratch.But what they can do well.This has nothing to do with the stability of. Because a lot of stability is actually our own to find an excuse for themselves, they are so big, but also very stable. This is like our group in a 94-year, before he entered the group really do not know what is.Even do not know the connection. But then into the group learned, just do it right away.Look, we talk 5A, get a few days, then the activity, and then start making a lot of money, and have made a lot of money every day.And I believe a lot of us know. For example, we want to achieve in Fig. 5A, some people may be opened 10 years have not reached Ali. Really it is like this, so he can be more than two months a lot of people. And on top of this really has nothing to do with stability, with other methods also have nothing to do, with only about speed. Because he was pointing, but the speed is really fast.So 1000 meters road, his two minutes to reach by car. Many people also choose to walk.Of course, no reference.Reference is what this means is that a lot of times we feel ourselves actually have done well, do better than many of the others are. Dad every comfort us, that they will be like this.For example, we say that the recent poor business. Dad said, all right, young people just like you, a month before he earned a little bit.You have a good. But I often related dad said we were going in front of us than, like this was interesting. When it comes to writing articles like this, because this thing is very comparable. For example, the same is to write articles, write who wrote ten years, he wrote a 100, but someone write 10 days to write a 100.Except for other factors, we can think of at this 10-day, if writing for 10 years, it would look like. Send Message This is even more obvious, because this really is the ratio of the number, more than the number who, who certainly will be relatively good effect. So many people they have only made hundreds of years, but some is to press one thousand a day to count. So, a lot of things, even if we do it well, but the amount does not go up, or no use. Like boiling water, we have been very slow very slow burn, like water, we burn 100 degrees, may need 5 years, 8 years, but others maybe San Liangxia on it, that is, we say half hours, minutes. Start on the road is not like it.Just do not like this, but it is like this. Like I told the very beginning of the article that friends.In fact, this friend also has been really hard Duman.What to do because he often change in the project, had for a long time, very confused, because he does not know. But he knows or does not do, must do large projects. For example, I say, a man opened Taobao shop, he made a lot of money.He must despise, he would say, let him go to open Taobao shop, sure to be laughing die.Because many of his friends are tens of millions, several hundred million. His play is also to finance.So often a very small point, he will be placed in a large, fail to realize. For example, there are times I say, a lot of people on the network to sell the video, the steamed bread, cooking is also possible.I said, thinking of ways that we can apply for a number down, and then invite some master to cook, we can also do this CD-ROM. He later said that a single child can not earn so much money, have to engage in pig, pig, chicken farm chicken live chickens. When it comes back, certainly no way to landing.Because the start is not a panacea to get dozens of things. Of course, later he did not do, he has been looking for projects. But even if he lost, he still says maybe next month I am more than you.. At first I listened, I do not believe, how could it.I have a few years, you more than I was a month.How can it be. He and a partner opened behind bars, the result of more than a month I really. It should not, should be able to say that the first day was ahead of me.Why, because his day to earn money, maybe I have to earn a month, maybe six months to earn.I have been running in front of it ran ah, back, step in front of me on the cross to go. He always wanted to do great things, but he has been unwilling to start small. And I have to start small, but in the end still do the little things. We also know how to back up, he has a lot of ideas, but the lack of a testing process. I have a test, but did not think about ways to enlarge.Of course, he later learned, I learned.But he do it, I did not do it.It can be said is that I slow you down, and he was a big project.About more than. So I would say, is really important step for the camp, but the speed is super important. Some people start from selling vegetables, maybe they went to San Liangxia shop, but some people may really is life selling vegetables. I have set up a stall, stall also know a lot of people, they really stall for decades, their father’s stall, he also stall.But also because he insisted swing, although not earn much, but can also feed their families. My friend was the boss, who is also a stall.They are the three brothers were placed, before and after the knot was chased arrested 13 times.Finally, urban management told them, really do not put, to open a shop, right.They think, makes sense.Now they have assets of several hundred million. They also learned to shop, to open a large store, and then later they opened a lot of stores, but also open factories. The same time, the same approach, different results.There are 2 points is not the same, one thing that some people have been repeating, and some people have been in progress.Another point is that some people fast, some slow. For example, some people although there is progress, but ten years to open two stores, fast some progress, open 10 a year. Could have been about the same, the result, the result is not the same. So we do things, it must first test, the test can be a good.Then finding ways to expand, think of ways to progress.Because in this infinite world, we are all in the race each other, we will rest, but others have been soaring. My QQ / micro-channel: 838 504 315, welcome to add.