And your reward in hand with the sunset

They discovered only through the four seasons of natural beauty only found out into the magical world of nature.We may have life to blossom, we go on the road may have dark clouds, but you do not forget the warmth of the sun, the earth left us beautiful ah, go on the road, you can see me singing in between heaven and earth!West Ramp sun, quietly changing the appearance of villages and even cities, in shades of light and dark, day and the days went by.Like icy cold sky, the sun Loess Plateau, nest-like rest between Xiao Shu poplar branches, Sangganhe trail, the asymptotic river dried up, sparrows foraging, flying over the flap edge.Semi Xi focus watch the sunset, as falling leaves of trees, it is also a lot shorter.I do not know for what, I particularly like the setting sun: Perhaps because of its magnificent, perhaps because it gives a certain melancholy and regret, or maybe it was in the dough, warm tone, the feel warm and kind?I really do not know.But I do love the sunset, love night photos.    Autumn stroll in the evening, watch the sunset West Ramp, when the leaves all over the floor, I would therefore have a lot of melancholy.Walking on the road ah, not high mountain peak, road risk but not the head, lotus flowers at the cliff, eagle flying in the clouds, fog interdiction on the way home, my heart may have had a loss?Let us sing on the road to life, and in spite of sand dust will annihilate our footprint, despite the vicissitudes will dim our eyes.The sun sets, so that people eagerly look forward to a kind of psychological.Its might the sun’s power gradually weakened, so that people finally freed from the upset, freed from the sweat, woke up from sleep in.The sun is no longer baked, not so dazzling.Wide soft western sky, bright red, golden.Golden sunset reflected in the slight surging sea, wave shiny, looked like a spacious Strip, then looking at something along the Cotai Strip, as if marching children will be able to track gold sunset approached, you will feel it deep water is no longer so cold; sunset reflected on the mountains, on the buildings, but down does not seem so majestic, solemn, but it is so detailed and.Walking between heaven and earth, the vast desert north wind whistling, the vast desert sand stirring, and the vast grassland on the horizon; walking in the mountains, wildflowers competing fighting Yan, mountains, misty clouds, and higher in the mountains, snow-capped mountains that side; and walked toward the spring, toward the sun from a lifetime pursuit of a better life, you can hear me singing on the road?    Sitting watching the sunset West Ramp clouds sky, read a lengthy heaven and earth, generous length of life, who can accompany me to climb higher mountains?Sunset reflected in the faces of the people to life also seem charming, affable up.The sun was setting, and watched the glow fades out, feeling for a long time: the wonderful landscape of the cycle of nature, the sun went down today, but tomorrow there will be.Like backpacks to travel, like the feeling of walking on the road; in fact, human life is it not trek in life?Some go happy, go some pain, the mood is not the same, the scenery is not the same.Sunset and sunrise is just the opposite, first turning into a soft bright light, into a cozy and peaceful, the things in the world slowly faintly hazy.Ebb and flow, the change overnight, again and again.The melancholy like standing in colorful leaves, suddenly heard a quiet music, every note, every line, are apt to fall into the heart of even the most delicate places and into the blood, the body flowing slowly.I know, this is not a romantic melancholy piece of maple, not Chrysanthemum faint melancholy parting, but the moon has passed, fleeting emotion.So, the mood of autumn to the state of mind I fall, “天凉好个秋” so that a fallout of tranquility in the heart attributed melancholy season of autumn leaves in.We find life in the most beautiful scenery, our lives are difficult journey in the dark clouds, only kept forward, life will give you beautiful yearning; just keep looking for a better life, life will become colors gorgeous.    Watch the sunset, I think the best winter, especially in the sky bright and clean for the best.Winter cold winds blow, people feel Lengqiao huddle.West Ramp sunset, more eager warmth of the sun.That winter warm sun shines on the body, always a kind of feeling of being caring.While according to the sunset, that warm afterglow, shiny red west, can not help but cherish in my heart always retain hope.Looking back that the eastern sky, showing a very distant gray, looked up at the clear sky, the patch of blue, gradually turns dark blue, it is particularly grand scale, and then slowly appear thickened.I better go on the road and singing, singing only for a time of bloom.Sunset, throughout the year, not the same.Spring and autumn roughly similar, and summer and winter is particularly vivid feelings.Into the fall, ah, a golden tree swaying in the autumn wind, a handful of reed floc every now and then in my mind, I saw you holding in her hand leaf leaves.Coldest Gambhir in white clouds, dust trail in the Sun, such as blood, that Mobei sky next line of geese to the south away.Ku Teng trees faint crow, bridges people, Road westerly skinny horse, heartbroken people in the End of the World “Tian Jing Sha.Autumn Thoughts “, it is like God touched the common people Aiku, so by Ma Zhiyuan said the man out, Wei Hui nationality from the people.After Ma Zhiyuan, Autumn Thoughts sadness of this light wine, getting into fragrance heartbroken man’s poison, there are fabulous fragrant, but unfortunately the drink, will be heartbroken.    Sunset slowly falling forward, getting lower and lower, to the sparkling sea covered with a layer of dazzling gold, slightly rippling layers of Hyperion shore coming, receded.If now and then straight down the sunset at the past, mapping the sea in the light of increasingly narrow, become a ray of bright band of light, but the color is more and more concentrated, the magnificent.Big round sun, golden whole body becomes adorable and wanted in his arms.But the sun also has its stroke, which is the time before and after ten minutes of the most gorgeous scenery, beneath that round sunset start a little bit missing, first corner, and then blink of an eye, but also etched off some, into a half, then gradually disappearing in the distant mid-air.Shadow sunset while out of sight, but the air still has a brilliant light, that light is too long to be slowly drained away, leaving only the very far end of the East still remnants of faint blush, the sky gradually darkened , dusk crept up the rich.Can watch the sunset in the evening, feel the beauty of it is already fortunate, life is short, can not predict the future, I do not know their own day, too slowly, then disappear on the horizon like a setting sun.So, we should cherish the sunset gives us a lesson, much better care now, to grasp now, we do not leave some regrets at the moment of disappearance.