Already Untitled

Graduate student means innocence to come to an end, meaning that after the bustling times would have changed into a busy day.Now the students all have to go to work, former classmates have not seen for a long time.Every waved farewell, each silently miss friend, recall a time period Cantabile years, this feeling longer the product, the more deep and strong, but can not explain in words, such a melancholy more with what people say.More than sentimental parting, especially for me.    Invite a few friends, wine and song, Chen said past and present, Qiu Hui Fang exclusion.Do not about to happen, but no one mentioned parting.Everyone understands that live for today, suddenly remembered: advise you to drink a glass of wine, West of Yang Guan reason people.Really terrific, the right to leave the human mind tells.    Do not today, be able to have a few poly?Not arrogantly, but really not much.While living in the convenience of modern society, the conditions, but everyone is busy, how good friends are hard to find on one side a few years.Hard to say goodbye, because the weight friendship; talk about leaving, because more than sentimental; hopefully meet again, a pot of liquor, joke Spring Moon, do not let me alone in this lonely waiting.    Years flows slowly, but it is so fast; day rush, rush, but the night was still afraid to take a break.Memories are mysterious, how many do now past, the past days is so touching and warm, but did not dare fall into memories.Even from interest, would like to play pool, see his mouth two or three people laugh while playing ball, a person himself, he felt a sense of loss.    May friends and everything is tempting, 且行且珍惜, also insist on my life, always so.    Always wanted to sum sentimental farewell, but not lightly, because a friend, but there must be said, because a friend.    This sad tone in mind, because living in sadness, not ridicule, because farewell injuries.I intended to table a thousand words is difficult, Select “is Untitled” in the title, because already Untitled.