A lifetime of dependency (Figure with text)

Warm picture, language loses color.This picture has been seen in a group, the collection has been accidentally lost.Even today, from the Harbor “photographic world” Amoy to it, pleasantly surprised.Originally named “old sea” friend shot.Because I like to text with poetry.    - Inscription mist in the mountains, such as Dai.    Howling Qing Han, the cuckoo that touch of Hongyan, in full bloom in the embrace of peaks.    Windy barren, lonely indifferent.Do not want Yao Chong, has no intention blooming.    Ordinary and embrace a noble dream, every spring throb.    Ignite the passion of rustic life, out of the world’s most quiet, most beautiful flowers.    That mountain, towering!KIWI!Jieao!Thousand years of vicissitudes is the imprint of time; resolute temperament revealed in the cold blade in general; reinforce bones cemented a solid backbone and arms.    A lucky a destination.    Way back, sinking thought long winged seeds, how many times have experienced ups such as iron in the wind, roll, run into a wall.Finally, Qifeng open-minded to retain it.    Oncoming happy, sunny taste.    A wandering heart wandering from the end.The wind, the seed of gratitude issued wan song, germination, sprouting green.A plume of hot feelings, surging from between rocks, fragrant Tuyan, prolonged stretches for thousands of years without failure.    Buddha said: Past five hundred times Looking back, only in exchange for a life pass.So, how many times can only look back in exchange for a lifetime of dependency?    Hanlaishuwang, quietly accompanied shallow Yin sing.    Who is lost in ancient cold, life was able to retain warm memories?Who is life and run-time affectionate, this is a way to create the legendary love?    Shallow lyrical, deep aftertaste.    Hill said: “Thank you, your life with dyed pale of my life, the world has become very warm.”Flower smiled fondly recall:” It is because of your determination and in the care of my mind, I’m your mind out of the flower.”