Nalan, Que most beautiful word

Nalan, a most beautiful word Que deep pathos long echoed in the hearts, flying in the cold with Lei Yu made into a tune, looking at Fine Spring Day, listening to Yanming, write down the pathos of the Spring and Autumn words of pain, write a love three thousand Zhu Hua Zhang.    —— drops of ink into the wound gorgeous and sad, a “drink from the word” fragrant mouthful words, the clearest Xiaoling long tune, dip the luxury of sorrow, and describe the beautiful sentimental.Three hundred years later, the ink marks still fresh, mouth lonely, still adorable.    Evening or late at night, pull a ray of purest love, gently into the Ci, where moist and filled with gorgeous atmosphere, between words, lingering Qingwan, Aigan stubborn Yan, indulge in this, away, word fragrant world , four according to flower pen, one song after another small word seems to come in handy, but it is fireworks bloom.    Kangxi prosperity, derived from a legend, a lamp in yellow paper out of a elegant dandy, grace Mei Yee, abdominal poetry and literature, clear month Sparse, dressed in white, holding a book, pacing Qing Yin, ancient and modern collection elegance, and his great wealth but lonely lonely figure, love crazy hope, yearning for freedom, but also to teach people to love and pity, searching all over the world, he is a worldly touch of beautiful scenery, his name itself is a beautiful word Que.    Calm and quiet, Rain or shine, like the wind, like blowing over the Nalanrongruo, with a very ordinary sense of balance, Great Qing Dynasty literary grace, graceful, passionate and unrestrained, all have worn the crown of his head , that the top accolades for Nalan, is that he can not see, I do not want to see.    Chunyuan autumn injury, pen are cool, silent tears pharynx, dreams too hard to worry about overflowing heart, penetrating plain paper, such as fish and drinking water, Lengnuanzizhi death deed wide, and the child into that, Roam worry, Full of lonely , Fallen flowers cleared, where Soul, Hanyu garments, tears stained the dust case and if so, bitter heart than Qiulian, a person’s life, How lonely, tears hate melancholy, sad lonely, heartbroken, melancholy, are all heart broken, skim lifetime of tears, grinding the ink cast Nalan word after another around the heart, lingering a long time.    A lifetime of affectionate, deep-seated pain, profound friendship of the man, his life of love to a woman, he took the word of life to pay homage to his love, both for her all the passion burn out, “Mourn the Yin many, especially deep confidant of hate, this story tragic, suffer no one can understand.    Why bother if this Nalanrongruo?Since ancient times, said: passionate people will be miserable, rainy night without sleep, listening Yudabajiao sad silence, that half-open window, every one leaves, can touch his mind, his heart is falling loneliness, love how deep, how deep will the pain, try to write desolation, lives only for love.    Que “Patio Spring”, Song of, tear-jerking, every time read, could not help but always piercing pain that tore at the hearts of the helpless, covered with dense sadness at.    Twinkling Bliss, born unlucky predicament, forget how Dihuai?Xiuta leisure mind, and blowing Falling, carved à song, the same leaning sun.Hard to stay a dream, poetry residual Mo continued, win deeper cry.In the remains, the spirit soared a turn, not looked Xu.Rerouting vast blue sky, short hair material, to set towards frost.Will be heaven on earth, the bonds are not broken, Chunhuaqiuyue, contact Xu also hurt.For preparations to junction, turn shock shaking off two respective cold duck!Really helpless, the sound of rain eaves, to compose a ileum.    His wife wife, helpless wife Unlucky, brief love in exchange for a lifetime of grief, the greatest pain than life and death, life fleeting, despite fond of you, nowhere to escape this final outcome, sweetheart has no trace could be found, Acacia suffering the pain of the soul, the material will grow overnight, the dream is to touch the face of sentimental strings, pops up slightly heartbroken sad song, touch on the heart sore sore.    Yanjuan sadly, silently weeping tears, and feel passionate infatuation Nalan, such as clear-month-hui, a spill, dazzling, quiet contend, that loved ones on the side, and gently put on clothes for a loved one.    Through 300 years of prehistoric, thinking it is full of sadness, often “drink from the word” placed in the mouth whisper, as if the earth has been away from the confused, otherworldly feel this man’s joys and sorrows, Qing Yin Bowl the more it is good.    Earth tide, flooded all, only in terms of loneliness, accompanied by his lonely life, just keep this sad settle down, life and accumulated 300 years, every word sung water, Nalan mind a few have been known only Road term is fragrant lips and teeth, but not the owner of the desolate road.    Yanjuan and thinking, free melancholy, melancholy world, all with the Ci dusty, like a winter flower that rootless, alone falling, and quietly ablation, leaving only a pale shadow, solitude and the line, engraved with grief helpless for years.