May 25 at home and four major securities newspaper headlines essence of Abstract article

China Securities News () Recently, Guangdong, Tianjin, Fujian latest free trade area experimental reform program officially issued。At the press conference on the 24th of the State Council Information Office held, Assistant Minister of Commerce Ren Hongbin pointed out that the municipal government will work with relevant departments and provinces, pay close attention to the development of the division of tasks ledger, good organization and implementation。    Many experts and banking industry sources, this year, the rising cost of bank liabilities-side end push asset prices "gone"。In order to maintain a reasonable level of interest margin, the bank funds "pricing" increase trend will continue。Personal housing mortgage loans, especially in larger proportion of bank loans, still lifted。Looking for security, higher income credit, and banks are facing a test to become。    Recently, there are a number of listed companies throw set by the plan, especially some of the general volume set by the program sparked concern。Insiders pointed out that, on the whole, in the refinancing of the New Deal, the reduction of new regulations and other regulatory policies, combined with the market trend this year, listed companies set by the shrinkage of business clearly entered the development stage。    May 24, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Listing Committee held its first hearing on the proposed carbon-en-made silver-based New Material Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as the "* ST-en-carbon" or the "Company") delisting decision, the scene heard the parties the defense views。Hearing, * ST ene carbon stock on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange staff proposed to be made to terminate the listing decision and the reasons relevant facts and rules based on on-site presentation。    Shanghai Securities News () there are indications that the country is brewing a new layout or capital restructuring。According to the latest statistics Shangzheng Bao reporter, since April this year, the number of responsible people, including SASAC party secretary, director and deputy director of separately for more than 20 central enterprises conducted an investigation, the core theme of "independent innovation and breakthroughs in core technologies."。    After more than a month to run low, continuous rebound in Shanghai and Shenzhen financing balance of this week, quickly regained 990 billion yuan mark。As of May 23 closing, financing the balance of the two cities reported 9909.$ 9.7 billion to refresh a new high since April 20。    This year the annual report "miss" the company a lot more than in previous years。Up to now, annual disclosure ended nearly a month, there are still seven annual reports of listed companies "giving birth"。This has led to small and medium Securities Investor Service Center (referred to as "investment service center") of high concern。Hurl center Shangzheng Bao said the overdue disclosed in annual reports of acts against the investor's right to know, and save significant potential risks。    Jinlong Electrical May 24 noon announcement, since between 1 November 2017 to May 2018 and 23 May, the cumulative holdings of shares has reached 1% stake from 5.54% to 3.94%。2016 due to participate Jinlong Electrical directional, Golden Eagle Fund through its "Golden Eagle spike through No. 150 set by the information management plan," "Golden Eagle CRE set by the No. 1 information management plan," "Golden Eagle Tengyun set by the No. 1 asset information management plan "" Golden Eagle is the letter set by the No. 1 asset information management plan, "the total subscribed 4447.5 million shares, representing the company's total share capital of 5.54%, and on July 27, 2017 traded。    Securities Times () Securities Times reporter learned that, in order to strengthen financial management statistics, financial statistics to improve the quality, the better for monetary policy decisions and prudent macroeconomic management services, the central bank's half-year 2018 financial statistics inspection work has been 5 May kicked off, the current number of agencies is in full swing work of self-examination。    · China Securities Times reporter yesterday learned exclusively brokerage, commercial auto insurance to cover the base rate three programs of Guangxi, Shaanxi, Qinghai, have been issued recently in a letter to the mediator, auto insurance operating companies and three trade associations。This means that commercial auto insurance pricing experienced a gradual transition "from monolithic to limited release" truly market-driven commercial insurance prices gradually coming era。    "Unicorn first unit," since yesterday harvest market WuXi first 13 word limit per IPO Allotment profitable 7.6 million, continue to refresh the record of the most profitable years of new shares。With the daily limit stocks, its founder Ge Li couples net worth has gone up, the two drugs in the market value of shares of listed companies next line total more than 90 billion yuan。    After further investigation, the Securities Times reporter and electronic discovery company, Jincheng Group 570 billion yuan orders no data are available, most PPP projects are stuck in a framework agreement or oral agreement level, has not officially approved, but did not enter the stage to start。However, it is by virtue of these does not have any legally binding or project, Jincheng Group in the various channels frequently Nathan rendering capabilities, and to fund PPP projects in the name issue。    Securities Daily () the last two years, A-share dividends of listed companies sparked great concern, on the one hand under the supervision and guidance, the company bonus and positive changes to continue to raise the voice of the mandatory dividend and binding continues, but another Some market participants also believe at the same time guide the company's dividends, it should be emphasized matching degree turn sent, dividends and corporate performance。    "Over the last week, the industry authorities from nine full deployment of security for the coal market price stability, the current measures is in the intensive introduction to the landing stage。Look reaction from the market, increase the proportion of annual long association offer monthly spot prices showed signs of loosening, although there is still a lot of logistics links precipitation coal trade, but traders will ship indeed be enhanced。For follow-up by increasing the scope and intensity of the transport market psychology is still running and decisive role。"China Coal Industry Association official said yesterday。    May 24, the State Council issued "to further deepen reform and opening up program of China (Guangdong) free trade test area", "further deepen China (Tianjin) reform program of free trade test area", "further deepen China (Fujian) free trade test area reform and opening up program ", adhere to the requirements of the supply-side structural reforms as the main line to institutional innovation as the core, risk prevention and control for the bottom line, continue to emancipate the mind, pilot, promote reform and development, promote innovation, first established international investment and trade with the prevailing rules of convergence of the institutional system, the formation of the rule of law, international, facilitation of business environment。    By 2015, the current actual control people easily Lianzhong, chairman Zhang Xi 10.6.6 billion yuan from the original cost of the transferee company shares the actual control in the hands of people of ancient Pei Jian, the company's largest shareholder, holding company and thereafter gradually holdings。That time, the market has something to look forward to the new head。However, since Zhang Xi in charge, easy to Lianzhong has appeared in the case of income does not increase profits。The past two years has shown a net profit excluding non-recurring gains and losses attributable to shareholders of listed companies (referred to as "net profit after deduction of non") as a negative phenomenon, especially in the company's 2017 operating income up 21.At 54% of the cases, after deduction of non-company net profit to drop 876.16%。