Japan's financial system stability shall continue to focus on the real estate market trends

China Network April 27 hearing, according to Japanese media reported April 26, according to the report BOJ finishing, said Japan's financial system stability, but on the other hand, financial institutions, real estate operations, incorporated investment trust holdings number of cases, it is necessary to continue to focus on the real estate market trends。  This is the Bank of Japan ended in accordance with domestic financial institutions to maintain assets at the end of December based on data obtained by finishing。  According to the report, government bonds held by financial institutions in the current balance of 133 trillion yen, the Bank of Japan noted that, unlike before the start of large-scale financial easing (ie the end of December three years ago), a decrease of 34 trillion Japanese yuan。This is because the Bank of Japan to buy a lot of bonds from financial institutions to provide financing to the market。  On the other hand, in terms of loans from financial institutions, domestic-oriented increased by 28 trillion yen to 514 trillion yen; for overseas increased by 27 trillion yen to 67 trillion yen。  In addition, holders of shares and other securities balance increased by 12 trillion yen to 154 trillion yen。  Bank of Japan pointed to massive financial easing as an opportunity to strengthen the financial institutions to adopt a higher risk profile, although loans and investment securities increased, but operating and soundness of the financial system remains stable state。  But, in real estate-related loans and securities, the ownership incorporated into real estate investment trust operations is also increasing, therefore, he pointed out that the Bank of Japan, said: "While it is and not as the bubble economy period as too volatile, but in the future there We need to continue to focus on trends in the real estate market。"(Wang Yu Tong)