Hongtong, Shanxi, deputy director of environmental protection: CCTV reporter did not light the identity I say the wrong thing

April 17, 2018, CCTV Economic Channel "economic half-hour" column to the "polluters around the" black Protection "," the title of town in Shanxi Province Zhao Hongdong County Sanwei Group industrial waste dumping of sewage straight row of conduct report。It reported that the village cadres money to help illegal sewage companies, the reporter suffered physical threats, Hongdong County Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director of actually claiming that "deserve"。Once broadcast news immediately triggered heated debate。17 evening, Shanxi Province Department of Environmental Protection responded that "a check in the end, pulling no punches."。18, Linfen city government Web site responded "requirements strictly and promptly deal with illegal enterprises according to law, and two village officials to administrative detention."。  China Youth Network reporter contacted the first time Hongdong County Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director Wang Xinsen。Wangxin Sen told reporters that a joint investigation is underway, and he "slip of the tongue" to apologize。  Hongtong Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director Wang Xinsen: This year has been punished three-dimensional five times April 18 morning, the reporter called Hongdong County Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director Wang Xinsen phone。He said he was really bad attitude on the phone, demeaning。  Wangxin Sen told reporters, was to be interviewed when the other did not Liangmingshenfen, claiming the villagers, while he heard the villagers to come to air, so the attitude was very bad。Such as CCTV report said, he considered his own money to the new village of pollutants to pull into the village, to find ourselves pollution, trouble for ourselves, they are not responsible for their own。In emotional agitation, "deserve" easy to read out the word。  Wangxin Sen introduced since 2018, Hongdong County Environmental Protection Agency has punished three times in five groups, each fine of $ 100,000, and there is no other good way, but every time penalty completed not long illegal dumping again。In the interests of the coerced, the village with the business sector plays a game of cat and mouse with environmental protection。  Wangxin Sen said that he is the one in charge of approval, although sewage understand the three-dimensional group, but not very clear, when the "villagers" and asked for a time did not know how to answer; and secondly, did not pay attention to distinguish between the interests of village cadres groups and the general public。Therefore, say the wrong thing, for everyone to add trouble, I'm sorry everyone。  Wangxin Sen said after the event investigation team has been set up at all levels, all subject to the investigation team, also please do not sub a。  Group D: sewage already is not news in fact, three groups of illegal sewage is not news。March 2014, July, Ben Wang were published on the "three-dimensional pollution in Shanxi for nearly 40 years the EPA confirmed that business wastewater treatment", "Shanxi three-dimensional dumping of construction waste residue field for many years hard norms", a group of three on the sewage problem the report, and was the focus of a number of national websites reproduced。According to other media reports, the 2014 Group D sewage pipe rupture, large tracts of farmland pollution。  However, four years later, the group has not only three-dimensional effective measures to solve the sewage, and have actually colluded with the tyrants and other forces, wantonly violated rights of the people。According to informed sources, the three groups in dealing with the issue of pollution, the local government also heartbroken, and even environmental officials can not enter the business situation occurred。  Interestingly, in the three-dimensional Group official website, when any member of the Standing Committee of Linfen City, urban construction and environmental protection committee, director of Binh Duong LiAnMin rate mid-2015 green line into the three-dimensional inspection of law enforcement interview with journalists of the news is still staying in the most prominent s position。  CCTV images played Wangxin Sen Shanxi Environmental Protection Bureau: according to the law strictly and promptly investigate illegal sewage enterprises sewage event for three-dimensional Group, Shanxi Province Environmental Protection Office on its official website responded: April 17 evening 8:00, CCTV Financial "economic half hour "broadcast" polluters around the "black protection", "Shanxi three-dimensional exposure of illegal dumping of industrial waste Group, the discharge of industrial waste water, bring great harm to the people of the villages along the way, Shanxi Province environmental protection Bureau attaches great importance to the Office by a leaders led, night scene, the first time to carry out field surveys, Linfen City, according to the law requirements, strictly and promptly investigate illegal sewage companies, and timely investigation results to the public。To resolutely crack down on polluters behind the "umbrella", not as seriously investigated, as abuse, liability for negligence of duty personnel to be transferred to judicial organs suspected illegal, will not be tolerated。Welcome to the news media and social supervision, the media reflect the problems and clues, a check in the end, no punches!  Shanxi Environmental Protection Bureau official website responded Linfen City: night village into the enterprise, administrative detention of two village cadres April 18, Linfen city government Web site responded: April 17, CCTV Financial "economic half-hour" program broadcast "big polluters side of the "black protection", "post, Linfen City, the night was set up by Vice Mayor, City Public security Bureau Made Rong, head, two Municipal Public security Bureau deputy director, deputy head of Criminal Investigation, the Central security, a member of the legal unit the criminal investigation task force, combine to carry out "anti-crime evil forces" struggle for ring involving business, village officials, environmental authorities, the evil involved, the investigation involving the Mafia。  Two-pronged task force rushed to the night Hongdong County, all the way to two village cadres involved in the report were summoned for questioning a party of the masses to understand。All the way to the existence of three-dimensional environmental violations Group conduct a thorough investigation, and asked the two companies responsible person in charge of environmental protection work, information retrieval, fixed evidence。  Currently, two village cadres have been to administrative detention for 15 days, the other six parties involved are verifying the reports, other relevant circumstances are further in-depth investigation。  Linfen city government Web site response (original title: three-dimensional continuous fermentation of sewage Group "deserve" Secretary: I said the wrong thing) (Editor: DF010)