Heart already left home, give it love it

Friends, and I talked about his marriage, which is the same as last year, a friend and I have heard of the case。His wife, and my heart with another man, who ran away from home and was looking for him to come back, a little corpuscles day, and go home again……He loves his wife, hoping to restore the marriage, it will be a time of forgiveness。This time, his wife and went, and once again left him!He was like an arbitrarily placed pawn, but unfortunately, long-winded, anger, vent……    His numerous heavy drinker, to vent anger in his heart; every day he asked himself how, as well as the temperature of the heart of love; he did not know to give up or continue to wait, wait for a even he did not know the answer; or continue as before the find, I can not know where to find。    Red thousands, trivia tie him down。When our willingness to live away from the track, why not learn to give?When love is gone through marshes, why not give up the decisive?When the lover's heart had flown out, why should self-torture struggling?    Sad to give up, you will be happy。 Sadness and happiness only in an idea; give up waiting, you will get new life。 Because tired waiting will let you see a clear direction; tie him to give up, you will be free。 Because of the free heart out fly free, and your heart has been sentenced in the face of freedom; not to give up hope of being cherished love, you'll get more real warmth of love。Looking ahead, since there will be true love waiting for you at the Crossroads mouth, as long as you stick out struggle……    Albert.Hubbard said:“When the door of happiness closes, another opens,。We have too much staring at the closed door and turned a blind eye to open the door。”Yes, life is short, do not stick to a feeling of an unknown answer。Because this is not a persistent problem, but not worth the loss of useless questions。There is love, and so life can be; there is love, no matter how far can。However, love is noble and pure。Pray not a party, not a party of the flood, not a betrayal of times after redemption!Love does not allow profanity。    Sometimes, we all adhere, stubborn insistence。Not insist on a target, insist on a wind has blown away the oath, adhere to the outside do not want a heart has been free while waiting for the return of the woman……Even resulting in countless fantasy。This insistence on my part are absurd undercurrent surging, is not cool ripples of thought, it is not ready to make a clear judgment!­In fact, you are only fooling themselves。You can not reach your goal, even less than its shadow touch!Why still nostalgia once in the past, rather than learn to put down traveling light!Learn to lay down relieved smile?!­    Persistence is the advantage, but points for anything; do not put down a disadvantage, because the stick has been meaningless。Select the bear's paw is necessary to put it down, put down will select the rugged flat, chose to lay down a new life will ever love。Because you only put down to get new options!Inclusion is about the dilemma, you get only the endless torment of the heart, endless old post new turn, endless hard to get to vent!……Like "blessing" in the Xianglinsao, over and over again to tell his son dead……­The man, who is also a time of good narrative, narrative again and again away from home to find his wife, but only because this narrative of love!He also loved her!However, love is both the party still love, and the other love has given someone else, what are you still waiting for it?Even back once again, come back to a person's body, her belongings became the temporary post of rest, a good rest, and will leave again!    What is the significance!­Pointless!Really does not make sense……    Get affordable, put it down in respect of!The same is true of marriage。Indeed, two people come together is not easy, we also allow a person to make mistakes。However, the marriage of betrayal, the man has abandoned all forgiven under the premise of all, the woman is still so do not care, then I think that such a marriage should it do it?Love is pleasant, in this pleasant actuated, two people enter into a marriage。The marriage, the most important responsibility。A heart had flown out, frequently away from home and harm the family, she is no sense of responsibility。Given a chance, but I do not know to cherish and repentance, then this is a trait degradation and loss responsibility。    Down, but also thorough, we can not leave room, because that would breed a new vision。Like long-distance runner, shoes filled with sand, hastily busy drained, there is still a。Grain of sand, grinding foot, step by painful step!Or stop a last resort。So, put down some completely, do not leave that grain of sand, to your new life grinding pain feet forward!­Few tears, once again let the man relented down; several flower flower smile again let a man heart; reminiscing few words, let the men think and once again admission……This is the usual means of this woman, or that have caught the man's psychological state of mind。I say not heartless, is not given the opportunity, but incurable behavior, not worthy of being cheated again。You save love, love each other in extravagance; you torture sad, indifferent pleasure each other。Man, you are obligated to do such a stupid pawn it?If you do not know how to put down, then you are inflicting pain on yourself, you are really sad。    I admit that life in some families encountered this kind of thing, this may not be serious。Some starting point is simple: for children, forbearance and tolerance of it, children need parents……Yes, children should grow up in a healthy family, otherwise it is lack of motherly love and fatherly。But you thought about it?There are many families, this good starting point for the child may not be able really good for the children。Like the story of the woman, she can bring the kids what it?Education?It is concerned?Maternal love?No, nothing, on the contrary, it will affect the child's life。In addition, some children, the face of parents, and even affect their view of the future of marriage, these exist。    Home, is a core。And this core is love, and this love is to give the two sides, will warm home full。Lost the party, they are not perfect。What children can get in this house it?!    Love like sand fingertips, the more straining to grip, the faster the loss!­Especially love the party has gone, the other still desperately grab what you can catch it?Also caught, and that is endless anger, long-winded and self-comforting, self-deception, wait, look for……According to this process, repeat over and over again, but time slipped away in this case……    Adhere to adhere to that, it must be put down to put down!­    Life is full of contradictions, but we have to find the exit in contradiction。    Some atmosphere, a number of open-minded, be reasonable。You will make the right choice。Because life can not stand the wait and suffering, we are alive is to have quality of life。Do not be a person's self-destructive life!    Learn to put down, you will find oxygen in the air changed much; learn to put down, you will feel much wisdom mind; learn to put down, you will find life and give you the feeling of love……    Heart had flown out, so love it or not。Because, I have no love。So, it is necessary to a dignity, a love of dignity!    Learn to put down those who live in their own today without all of their own, even if it is difficult to lay down。You will find that love and marriage are good, as long as the hearts stick together, even if even if noisy downtown; you'll know to create prosperity in the face of adversity, you can be a successful sailing, sail your own for happiness; you will find that life will always give us a lot of choice, but do not hesitate to make the answer。The slightest hesitation, even if you select the answer has to be handed in time……    Listen, the window the wind stopped, the wind knows it down, then wanton blowing mad, tired of their own, while he will get nothing……    Days of street light rain starting on August 8, 2012, modifying put pen to paper on July 18, 2013