Germany Trade and Investment Department Representative: Welcome to participate in the development in eastern Germany

Germany Trade and Investment Department Representative: Welcome to the German "eastern development" in a eastern Germany, Poland border small businesses can get up to 40% of the investment subsidy "Oriental Outlook Weekly" reporter freelance writer Huang Xu Ying Yang / Beijing is reported Hanpei De China on behalf of Germany trade & invest。He and his team of experts in the major task of China's intention is to help Chinese enterprises to invest in Germany provides a range of free services including strategy development, evaluation, site selection, project financing and subsidies。  In the past four years, at least 500 from China's greenfield projects located in Germany。In 2012, 17 per cent fall in Germany and China foreign direct investment, which has become China's most popular green investor。  With the July 2014 German map update investment grants, a more sound investment incentives, to invest in Germany is being considered more and more Chinese businessmen。  "Oriental Outlook Weekly" recently at Germany Trade & Invest to Hanpei De had an exclusive interview in Beijing Landmark office building。  Hanpei De said, a growing number of Chinese small and medium enterprises are planning to go abroad, and has a tendency to expand the scale of。From the past to now build a simple set up an office in the German factories and take advantage of Germany's geographical position – exactly the middle of Europe – convenience products into other European markets。  "We can see that the size of the project is becoming more and more large industrial projects currently include the automotive, machinery, electronics industry, however, more and more companies enter the renewable energy, medical equipment, IT and other fields。Another trend is that companies started to invest in the commercialization of agriculture, manufacturing agriculture, animal husbandry machinery, including cooperation with German intelligence farms, agricultural research how to intelligently。The third trend is that more and more capital into the real estate industry。In recent years it does have a lot of new development。"Industrial 4.0 create new opportunities, "Oriental Outlook": from Germany "Industrial 4.0 "is currently very popular with Chinese people's attention, how to understand it?  Hanpei De: Industrial 4.0 is to usher in the fourth industrial revolution。2014 Industrial Fair in Hanover, Germany, German workers Intelligence Research Center was officially open SmartFactoryKL (intelligent plant KL) platform, the physical integration of information systems to make "Industrial 4 Manufacturing and Industrial Production.0 "- the 'Smart Plant' is synonymous to enter people's lives。  Related to this is "intelligent production", which refers to the information and communication technology-based intelligent machines, intelligent systems and intelligent network, individually adjustable exchange of information and response information, so as to realize the industrial production process automation in the management of production processes。In short, the product will automatically be production。Future automatic intelligent plant also can produce highly personalized products, the traditional value chain will become net worth, consumers promoted to producer。  Industrial 4.It relates to various fields 0。It is an intelligent network product development, linked by information and communication technology solutions between production, logistics and customer。Germany's various industries, especially machinery manufacturing, electronics and chemical industries are profiting from。  By 2020, the German industrial industries and enterprises will be 4.0 invest 10.9 billion euros in the field of information and communication technology。The data show that German industrial enterprises 4.0 and high-tech attention。These investments are expected in 2015 will reach 600.500 million euros, which is an increase of 54% compared to 2014。  The goal of the action plan has also been framed: Germany tries to become the leading supplier of physical market and the integration of information systems solutions in 2020。Industrial 4.0 will create more new opportunities for entrepreneurs and small companies。  "Oriental Outlook": Germany compared to other European countries which have the advantage of attracting investment?  Hanpei De: First, innovation is Germany's competitiveness。In 2012, the German R & D investment levels reached 79.4 billion euros, almost the sum of the UK and France。In 2013, the European Patent Office granted more than 13,425 patents in Germany, almost British, French double sum。The German government also launched a program designed to stimulate scientific and technological progress annually invest 5 billion euros in cutting-edge technology research and development。Thanks to this, R & D projects can be obtained multiple forms of financial support。  Germany also has a first-class infrastructure, Europe's largest market, and have a competitive tax system。In Germany, taxation of shares of the company does not use a unified national tax rate, which is a good news for investors。The tax burden on enterprises can be reduced by up to 8 percentage points。Meanwhile, Germany has a stable workforce and its neighbors in Eastern Europe and significantly reduced labor costs。Although labor costs in Germany are not low, but the high productivity of the labor force in Germany。  Germany's Western Development "Oriental Outlook": government support you mentioned specifically referring to what areas?Germany's different regions have different policies whether foreign companies to invest in it?  Hanpei De: Germany has a package of investment incentives, including cash assistance, low-interest loans, labor, finance, R & D funding, etc., cash assistance is a way to significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing plant founded。  July 2014, the German Federal Ministry of Economics and the Department of Energy announced the update "the German investment allowance map" to improve the economic structure of the region for the purpose, aimed at improving regional economic strength。  The map shows which areas can be obtained in Germany which areas of what subsidies。The application process is first approved by the European Union, after the approval of federal and state governments need to further。As a mechanism that will promote new investment into the weak German economic structure of the region。  In the eastern part of Germany near the Polish border, the maximum investment subsidy of up to 20%。In addition, SMEs can also get additional benefits subsidy, 10% medium-sized and small enterprises is 20%。So in a eastern Germany, Poland border small businesses can get up to 40% of investment grants。  In the strong German economic strength of the western regions, such as Hamburg and Baden – Wuerttemberg hardly get any investment incentives。Only some parts of the region can receive a 10% subsidy。Of course, there are still some weak western regions enjoy subsidies。  Now more government subsidies for the east, a bit like China's western development。In this area there are more available labor, lower costs to recruit employees workers, lower land prices。So for large-scale investment, the eastern region very attractive。  To build a factory in Munich, the higher the premium, the price of labor is also relatively high, because this is an economy-intensive area, the cost will naturally much more expensive。In the eastern part of the construction of a large plant is a good choice because it's very cheap land, abundant labor resources。  Welcome Chinese PV companies "Oriental Outlook": many European countries are promoting alternative energy plan, the situation in Germany is what?  Hanpei De: Germany plans to close all nuclear power plants in 2022。Today, new energy, environmental protection and energy accounted for 30% of the total in 2020, this goal will reach 35% to 50% in 2050 from 50% to 80%。  The challenge is that new energy is not a sustainable energy。We are also doing a "smart house" project, in order to be able to arrange intelligent use of new energy sources: such as the night, when solar energy is insufficient, then reduce power appliances。In this area, the possibility of German companies are actively seeking cooperation with Chinese enterprises, including the supply of various types of infrastructure equipment, power lines, transformers, converters, etc., all related to new energy, smart grid projects are likely to cooperate areas, there will be hundreds of millions of euros of investment into the new energy, smart grid areas。  Currently, Germany is currently the domestic development of smart grid, Chinese enterprises can also participate in this area。China and Germany in the field has completed a number of cooperation。For example, China State Grid [microblogging] The company has established offices in Germany。Of course there are some small companies to cooperate with the German company that manufactures smart grid equipment needed to help German intelligent home。  These devices have been to the market and can already see the intelligent refrigerator and other smart home devices in large electronics stores in Germany。Such as washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, energy consumption can operate most hours, for example two in the morning, the lowest cost of energy, these devices will automatically enter the working mode。  "Oriental Outlook": You mentioned the new energy industry, in this area there are the successful operation of Chinese enterprises do?  Hanpei De: In fact, this area is still a lot of Chinese companies。Between 2010 and 2011, the amount of investment in Chinese solar PV industry in Germany is quite big, but mostly set up an office in Germany。Later, the solar industry is facing a huge crisis, but also by the impact of the economic crisis, many companies went bankrupt solar energy。I think, now for Chinese enterprises, in cooperation with the German solar energy company of the future good choice。  There are already a number of China's new energy enterprises in Germany have developed very good。For example, Goldwind Science and Technology Co., Ltd., as early as in the 1990s there are many cooperation with the German company, which currently has more than 10 subsidiaries in Germany, turnover reached 2011 1 from 10 million euros before investing.700 million euros。Another example is China Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. acquired a German PV manufacturers, the amount of investment 22 million euros and create 100 jobs。The company has also acquired a company producing wind turbine blades, and the well-functioning。Germany to China's solar energy industry is welcome, Germany in fact against the European past anti-dumping policy on Chinese PV products。  In addition, the energy storage aspect of Chinese enterprises have the opportunity to participate。Unlike China, in Germany there are many small families, small towns and villages, where now the roof has solar panels, battery power as well as the basement。When they do not require energy consumption, the battery may be charging the energy, stored energy。New energy and nuclear power are not the same, it is not an unlimited supply, it is necessary to deal with the problem of storage。  Preparation is not a very difficult thing, "Oriental Outlook": how to find a suitable local partners in Germany, what do you suggest?  Hanpei De: for example, Chinese companies want to set up a laboratory in Germany, how to contact the university, the best way is to find us。We can help find partners and investment projects, we have invested expert consultants in various industries。  If someone want to invest in the automotive industry, and apply research and development projects (R&d), and the Society of Automotive industry experts will provide advice, these services are free。Chinese companies want to do a research in the field of electric vehicles, we can provide different regions, different areas of the organization for their choice, and ultimately help Chinese enterprises to make contact with the local authorities, after consultation and agreement of cooperation。  Of course, companies can also contact independent。In Germany set up a business can join the Chamber of Commerce to become a member, by participating in these associations can also find a partner。  "Oriental Outlook": China's people to worry about what to invest in Germany?  Hanpei De: The problem many entrepreneurs still most concerned about cultural differences and how to attract local talent in Germany, how to deal with German employees, the issue of how life in Germany, but also very concerned about the issue, "Labor Law", such as "if the factory What happens to minors?"" The law allows employees daily working time is how much?"There is the cost of investment," it costs roughly how much to invest in Germany?"In fact, not particularly stringent regulatory restrictions in Germany。But for mandatory restrictions – under the premise established by law – there is no possibility of the government and how much bargaining。  German law does not set up barriers。A typical example is a Chinese packaging companies win in a patent infringement lawsuit brought by powerful competitors in Europe。My advice to Chinese companies that, before investing should do as much as possible the most comprehensive preparation。We can provide legal issues German investment consulting services for free, or you can specify a lawyer to help investors signed contracts, apply for licenses。This thing is not very difficult for Chinese investors to do。So my advice is to do your homework before investing, first look at the general situation of German law。