Fleeting drunk alone, leaving behind the scent of ink

A journey that is destined to encounter an elegiac sadness, town, night life, the sound of firecrackers, cheerful tell a repeat of the earth changes, the heart is still docked in the heart of Nama about the outcome of the vicissitudes of life。Lonely night, watching fireworks long, fluttering in the wind left unattended faint scent of ink, everything lightly, pick up a pen writing a disconsolate only this romantic town of Tsing Yi。    Out the window, misty rain, umbrella hangs a handsome sight, look at the pace of two pairs of coordination, smile, give best wishes to heart。    Street, and I had to follow your footsteps, night neon, shining after a busy day cheerful Shu, the market, such as day-like clamor trouble that night, you can follow the footsteps freeze, may flexor number。And it is a lonely figure floating destination, waiting, every dawn patronage, that is, the long-awaited encounter, wait, How beautiful?Only for a possible swirling commitment。    Tea, the meaning of which is understandable, and so profane mind, not only to let a rush of sadness filled the heart of the prison, wisps of smoke, the only familiar figure, a show of hands lift foot, touch smile, a look, charm, Review, willing to share a lifetime to write romantic。Occasionally, with a cup of nectar want to remove out full feeling of sadness, drunk, they can hide the hearts of the sky and called out the name of a reason to watch it can wait。    Was removed without sleep during the day, your smile, willing to follow a lifetime Shaohua, just for you well, now, no longer have to accompany the lonely night during the day to tell a happy life in the city every night firecrackers。…..