Not good old stomach, spleen and strong long life!To keep the stomach so (1)

  We all know that the stomach is very important for the body, the better they can avoid raising fraught with problems, and that we must be very concerned about how to keep it this stomach?Think about how you usually are gardening will know, different plants have different habits, you can not give the old watering cactus, nor can put dripping Guanyin balcony exposure, raising the stomach is the same token, what is it like, you give it like what。There is no doubt, as the "granary of the official", the raising of the spleen and stomach must start with a diet of。
That most stomach like what you eat it?  Mizutani people with faith, stomach main receiving water valley, so raising the spleen and stomach best food than。
We remember the "Yellow Emperor" in the sentence: "grain for the support, the five fruits in order to assist, five animals for the benefit, the five dishes for the charge。"I mean that grain is the most dependent of the body, is the survival of our fundamental。
And fruits, vegetables and meat are also important, but they are, after all, play a supporting role, to play a tonic effect。
  As stomach habits have one thing in common, they are like the laws, hate stimulus。Therefore, the meal hunger and meal, overeating, eat cold food stimulation, these do not diet, will make the stomach overwhelmed。So, even to eat, we have to use on the way。    Generally speaking, refers to:,,, wheat corn, potatoes, as well as the habit of food other than rice and flour called cereals, grains and also refers to food crops, the grain crop is collectively。    1.Provides energy-rich carbohydrates and protein, lysine containing the desired protein the human body, maintaining the brain of the essential energy is to provide the body heat source。
  2.Smaller slimming beauty fat content, millet smaller than corn, but also rich in vitamin E, antioxidants can。
  Wheat nourishing the heart, kidney, and blood, spleen。"Doctor Lin compile to" have it: Chufan, bleeding, Lee urine, lungs and other four dry use。
Containing wheat starch, protein, fat, lecithin, urine protein, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, as well as a variety of enzymes and vitamins。Hence the protection of human blood, heart and nervous system work function。Long eat wheat may also enhance memory, uneasiness of mind。For menopausal women, the consumption of unrefined wheat can alleviate menopausal syndrome。
  In addition, wheat flour flour as well as good skin rejuvenation, wrinkle, freckle。
Bran and flour have its heat removal, stop Zaoke throat, diuresis, gas Liver function。Gluten flour and add water to make a paste formed by placing a period of time, the gas produced during the fermentation of food can be sealed in the dough, so that the flour phytate is decomposed yeast, thereby enhancing the absorption of minerals rate。
    1, enhance immune function: rich in protein, containing a variety of essential amino acids, can enhance human immunity; 2, to prevent hardening of the arteries: soybean lecithin can remove cholesterol attached to the vessel wall, preventing blood vessel sclerosis, cardiovascular disease prevention, protect the heart。
Lecithin also has excess fat accumulation in the liver function of preventing so effective against fatty liver caused by obesity; 3, through the guide stool: soluble fiber contained in both laxative, can reduce cholesterol levels ; 4, hypoglycemic, lipid: contains a trypsin inhibiting substances, have a therapeutic effect on diabetes。
Soybean saponins contained a significant lipid-lowering effect, at the same time, can inhibit weight gain。  Corn increased memory, anti-aging stimulate the brain cells, enhancing human brain, memory and power of human metabolism, adjust the nervous system function。Can play the skin smooth and delicate, inhibit, delay wrinkles effect, can fight aging eyes。  Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis can prevent constipation, colitis, colon cancer。
  Hypotensive lipid rich in calcium can play lowering blood pressure, promote cell division, reduce serum cholesterol, and prevent their deposition in the vessel wall, and therefore, corn coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, and high blood pressure have a certain role in the prevention and treatment。
Central American Indians are not susceptible to hypertension and related to their main edible corn。
  Potato tubers which are rich in trace elements, such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, eating is beneficial to the body, such as sweet potatoes can be treated constipation, sweet potato cellulose, can be well integrated into the blood which can be for porridge, then a larger role in purple sweet potato, on the one hand it contains a lot of trace elements and play it as well as anti-cancer effect, but also a little more attention to is the best food to eat before eating, not eating fasting。