United States launched dual investigations in Thailand and other domestic rubber band

China news agency, Washington, February 22 US Secretary of Commerce announced electrical Ross 22, imports from China, Sri Lanka and Thailand rubber bands products launched anti-dumping and anti-subsidy known as "double reverse"。 The Commerce Department said that launched the "double reverse" investigation is to be the American League's appeal Rubber Company。 Allegedly, imports of such products from China dumping margin%, Sri Lanka dumping margin% to% to% to% in Thailand, subsidy rates are more than 2% of the required level in developing countries。 According to the US trade remedy procedure, another agency of the US International Trade Commission will make a preliminary ruling later this year on March 16。
If the agency finds that the above products to US industry caused material injury or threat, the US Commerce Department will continue to investigate, and in April and July this year, making countervailing and anti-dumping investigations were preliminary ruling。
US Commerce Department data show that in 2017 the amount of product rubber band US imports from China, Sri Lanka and Thailand were approximately $ 4.9 million, $ 2.0 million and $ 12.12 million。
Ross said in a statement, the US Department of Commerce will act quickly to ensure that the fact that a comprehensive, fair assessment。
He said Trump Government's commitment to the implementation of US trade regulations to ensure that American businesses and workers have a fair opportunity to compete。
According to statistics, from January 20 last year to this year, Trump took office February 21, the US Department of Commerce has initiated 102 cases "double reverse" survey, 96% increase in the number。
Chinese Ministry of Commerce repeatedly expressed the hope that the US government abide by the commitment against trade protectionism, jointly safeguard the free, open and just international trade environment, a more rational approach to properly handle trade frictions。 (Finish)。