Chinese painting artists from the hole secondary burial memorial statue unveiled Anxian Ling Park completed

Line ceremony collective silence。
Zhe Jiang Anxian Park offers famous contemporary Chinese artists, professors from China Academy of Fine Arts hole Chung, name Chingford, from Zizhong。
Cixi, Zhejiang origin, was born in Shanghai in mid-1934 painting of a family, grandfather Ziyu, Xiao-yu father, brother Bo Bo Gu Yung are good at painting flowers and birds, known at the time。
He died of illness on October 5, 2015 at 4:00, at the age of eighty and two years。 Before his death he was a professor China Academy of Fine Arts Degree Committee, Zhejiang Province Department of Culture of high judges, the Chinese Artists Association, president of the East Burson-Marsteller agency execution, director of Xiling Seal Society, the International Society of Aesthetic Education Council of the United Nations, State Department special allowance。
  The art of painting everyone with the landscape as their home, for the soul of the landscape, the landscape for the case, with their own unique words accompanied by footsteps, turned into a mountain stream, long endless stream。
  A mountain stream, flowing ink rhyme honest。
Ying Ling, enact a moment of silence, placed into the hole, statue unveiled in the "Mountain and Flowing Water" of the music, the crowd watched quietly from the hole Chung walked the final leg of life。
  The museum, in accordance with the reality of life, work portrayal of the statue, his right hand brush creation, left flexion, safe and peaceful, true to the holes before his death from a secondary voice and face。