A pass Alibaba's IPO plan in the study shares rose more than 3%

Tencent securities FRANCISCO March 15 evening news, according to "The Wall Street Journal" reported that sources familiar with the matter, Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA) is planning to market in China A shares。
A source said, if the Chinese securities law amended to allow foreign companies to list, then Alibaba may be the earliest in the domestic market this summer。
"Since we are in the United States since the IPO (initial public offering), we have always said that if regulators allow it, we will consider in the domestic market。
"Alibaba Group, said in a statement it sent to CNBC in。 Affected% of Alibaba shares rose in trading the US stock market in early trading Thursday, to $ / shares, worth more than $ 500 billion again。 In January this year, Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma said the group would "seriously consider" listed in Hong Kong, China。 But the "Wall Street Journal" quoted sources as statements that Alibaba Group is considering ways Chinese mainland investors to trade their shares。
Alibaba IPO market in 2014 in New York, the scale of funding reached a record $ 25 billion, because at that time Hong Kong, China does not accept the group's governance structure。 In the past 12 months time, Alibaba's share price has risen by nearly 86%, market capitalization of about $ 500 billion。 Chinese authorities have been exploring ways to attract foreign investment and the development of domestic financial markets。
As early as September 2013, Alibaba advocated a "partner" program was shut out HKEx, went to the United States after the listing。 "Some people say, Alibaba Hong Kong lost this opportunity, I think it is a missed Alibaba in Hong Kong。 When "The following year, Alibaba IPO road show held in Hong Kong, Ma said publicly that Alibaba 'Hong Kong still love', and will go all out to support SMEs in Hong Kong to open up world markets。 Alibaba market, more and more people see the advantages and its prospective partner mechanism。