El-Erian: Greece was forced to retreat Europe 85% probability

After hearing FX168 capital controls in Greece, the country one step away from default, if so it may force the country out of the euro。Before the Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO) co-CEO El-Erian (Muhammad Ali Ann) commented that Greece is difficult to maintain membership in the euro area, the country was forced out of the euro probability is 85%。  Currently serves as the biggest insurer Allianz (United) chief economic adviser to the European Group Erian Monday (June 29) said in an interview: "If you pointed a gun at my head, so I have to Greece in the next few probability week forced out of the euro to be predicted, then my answer is 85%。"El-Erian said the collapse of trust has been accused of flying, this situation increases the difficulty to solve the problem; Greece may have to resort to the parallel currency。  In his view, the responsibility of both creditors and Greece: Europe on a number of debt relief should be more frank, the Greek government could have done more in a number of reform。  Greek Prime Minister Qipulasi (Alex Qipulasi) announced that a referendum will be held on July 5, let the voters decide whether to accept the Greek bailout conditions as opposed to the government, a move that the European officials by surprise。Two polls conducted before the referendum showed a majority in favor of the Greeks reached a bailout agreement with international creditors。  Possible default by Greece, the euro / dollar on Monday morning Asian market has dropped to 1-month low.0955, down about 200 points from Friday。Euro / dollar was last quoted at 1.1018, a decrease of 1.3%。  State Street Global markets in Tokyo Bart Wakabayashi FX director, said: "Before the weekend, the market seems to be generally agreed that Greece will be some progress, so the market is rare to establish positions based on this optimistic view。Orderly trading unexpected situation, because the market had expected news of the weekend will respond。This situation is likely worse。"The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) data released on Friday, even before the latest crisis situation reaches the point, some investors have begun to cut euro bulls bet。  As of June 23 the week, the euro short position of 89,357 from the previous week, increasing to 99,306 the previous week's net euro short positions is the lowest level since the end of July。  Proofreading: Changyang