Holiday eating nuts do pay attention to these

  Chinese New Year, every family must snack is nuts。
But eat nuts that there are so much stress, you and me with a look。   ◆ walnut antioxidant called the "King" role and Taboo: American Dietetic Association recommends people eat two or three times a week is best walnuts, especially the elderly and postmenopausal women, because walnuts contained arginine, oleic acid , antioxidants and other cardiovascular protection, prevention of coronary heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's and other are quite beneficial in。 One should not eat too much, otherwise it will affect digestion。
Some people like to brown the surface of the thin-skinned walnut kernels stripped, it will lose some of nutrition, so do not peel layer of skin。   ◆ Chestnut Chestnut useful for adjuvant treatment of kidney so called "kidney fruit" eat chestnut taboo: after a meal do not eat a lot of role and Taboo: As the chestnut is rich in dietary fiber soft, diabetic patients may also be appropriate taste。
But difficult to digest raw chestnuts, cooked and easy to stagnation gas, so one should not eat。
The best in the chestnuts as a snack between meals, or do eat in the food, not a lot to eat a meal, in order to avoid excessive intake of calories, is not conducive to maintaining body weight。   Moldy fresh chestnuts easily, eating moldy chestnuts may be toxic, so the deterioration of chestnut can not eat。   ◆ sunflower seeds nutrition is also a leader in a rich role and Taboo: eating sunflower seeds a day, the body will be able to meet the daily requirement of vitamin é。 Sunflower protein contained comparable to meat, especially those containing essential arginine producing sperm。 Fresh sunflower seeds often nibbling prevention of coronary heart disease, stroke, lower blood pressure, have a role in blood vessel elasticity protection。
Physician that the sunflower seeds can cure insomnia, enhance memory, prevent cancer, hypertension and neurasthenia have a role。
  Too long storage time should not be eating pistachios ◆ pistachios can be described as heart of the Friends containing mainly monounsaturated fatty acids, so unlike other nuts, pistachios easy to rancidity, can reduce cholesterol levels, reduce heart disease。   Effect and contraindications: time to eat the equivalent of eating 10 grams pistachios monounsaturated fatty acids。
Too long storage time should not be eating pistachios。 Pistachio has a high heat, and contain more fat, Papan people who, high blood fat people should eat less。
  ◆ sweet almond sweet almond contains 50% fat, 25% protein, 10% carbohydrates and vitamins?And calcium, magnesium, boron, potassium and other elements。
  Role and Taboo: Vegetables almond coronary heart disease, the probability of the occurrence of angina than those who do not eat reduced by 50%。 Almonds have a moderating effect of insulin and blood glucose levels, impaired glucose tolerance is one of the diabetes therapeutic products。 Almonds are rich in boron and calcium in preventing osteoporosis in menopausal women also have some benefits。