Early Light

Dawn pierced the quiet night, sprinkling Pu in the quiet village, wide fields, deep shade of the woods。Gurgling streams, through the woods, bypassing villages, slowly flowing。Several more birds, the sound of howling, across the mountains, the earth shook, broke the quiet of the wilderness, attracted birds sing。Deep canyons, Gao ape scream, The Echo, never sad turn for a long time。Cuckoo circulation, Bailing Run throat。Walk in the mountain path, River bridges to stop, really nice。    Along the river, it sails boat, floating on the calm river。Often smoke, Sometimes cow eye, an oasis of Tianchou。Luxuriant hill, earnest call, just a childhood mother told me to eat voice, really warm, really familiar。I was shaking with Sanmei sculls, little star, vibrant river。Slender fingers, face Whitening slightly creep waist, smile face, really mischievously。    To shore, find a store, between authentic native, authentic rice wine brewing alcohol, toast every move she makes, I turned to look back, Fan Ying little bit, gurgling streams。Look shore, crowded, bright colors, across the faint singing, revel。We live by the railing, clenched hands, quietly enjoy the sweet love。Look at the sky, starry, we find the Cowherd and Weaver shelter, we hope. Cowherd and Weaver Girl happy state of mind。    Sleepy, Sanmei want me to send her to the hut of love。Perhaps the reason the wine, that fairness of her face, bright eyes, under the lights in foil, so tempting。Sanmei quietly supine in bed, tall posture, tall tits, slender fingers, and that the wind fluttered the white dress, issued a dazzling, it is love of early light······    Outside the stream flowing quietly, far from wilderness is so quiet, high-altitude monkeys are still。