Cervical erosion can lead to excessive flow prevention

Once suffering from cervical erosion is hard to get out, just a little attention and control of disease recurrence, then what good prevention methods?Great harm cervical erosion of our female friends have heard of cervical health not only affects the health of our women, our women will interfere with normal fertility, affect women conceive, therefore, cervical erosion if we are able to advance women prevention, then you can avoid these hazards, then, cervical erosion prevention methods are there?1, pay attention to moderation married life life, many women suffering from cervical erosion is caused by excessive because married life, sexual excess or sex life too easily lead to confusion bacteria into the female friend female private parts, resulting in women suffering from cervical erosion。 2, pay attention to the female private parts cleaning can prevent cervical erosion can lead to excessive flow well want to prevent cervical erosion, normal life, a female friend should do to keep women's private parts clean, because private parts is not clean easily lead to the growth of bacteria, the bacteria that cause cervical lead up to a female friend suffering from cervical erosion, it is recommended that women should always be kept clean and dry private parts。 3, good contraceptive want to prevent cervical erosion, also need to pay attention to good contraception, abortion or if too many female friends can easily lead to infection, improper operation or because a female friend cervical injury, and finally lead to cervical erosion。