China International Wine Development Forum held all walks of life and discuss wine industry

  BEIJING, March 19 (Xinhua) 18 pm, as the highlight of 2017 China International Wine Fair, to "drink in the future, the value of taste" as the main theme of the forum was held in Luzhou City, Sichuan Province Giant Ocean Hotel。
Forum launched a discussion around the topic of many aspects of heritage and innovation, nation and world, economic value and social value, challenges and opportunities, ecological value and sustainable development, macroeconomic and industrial policy。   It is understood that the forum organized by the China Association of liquor, Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, Sichuan Expo Affairs Bureau, Luzhou City, Sichuan Provincial People's Government Co。 Activities, Chinese wine Wang Yancai Association, the mayor of Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, Liu Qiang delivered speeches respectively, China Wine Association, vice chairman and secretary general Songshu Yu, director of the French National Authority Cognac industry Laipa He delivered a speech respectively。   Wang Yancai in his speech talked about wine values are evolutionary, dynamic, "price" and "value" itself is two concepts, "price" is the corporate behavior, but also the marketing behavior; and "value" is the market behavior, because there is no market value equal to zero。 So, establish values in line with modern consumer law is particularly important。
Be objective and pragmatic understanding of wine values, fit the times, reflecting the spirit of the times, close to the contemporary life experience, resonating with consumers, win social cognition。   Mayor of Luzhou City, Sichuan Province Liu Qiang said in his speech, as China's "wine city" Luzhou recent years, concern and help all the leaders, distinguished guests and the community, Luzhou liquor industry has achieved sustained and healthy development。 Driven by the liquor industry, Luzhou economic and social development maintained a good momentum。
By 2016, the city's GDP, above-scale industrial added value, fixed asset investment, total retail sales of social consumer goods, four indicators of growth rate ranks first in Sichuan Province。   Forum, vice chairman and secretary general of China Association of Wine Song Shuyu did called "wine from China yesterday, today and tomorrow to see the value of eight," the keynote speech。
He stressed that the theme of this year's forum is "the next drink, the taste value."。
The value of China liquor mainly in eight areas: health, history, culture, ecology, stuffed arts, quality, experience, technology。
These eight aspects constitute the reason for people to drink, but also the value of the wine itself。   Director of the French National Authority Laipa He Cognac industry in his speech to "Cognac: French beauty industry symbolic" as the theme interpretation of French cognac why as a landmark product。
In her view, cognac convey the elegance, excellence and delightful modern way of life, regardless of their cultural background and age differences, the diversity of cognac which everyone can appreciate its excellent quality and go to share their unique and rich experience, while also maintaining a different experience for everyone。   After the keynote speeches, the forum also play a video interview for consumers around the "What kind of wine you like", "What is the most expensive wine is drunk," "they will spend it to buy alcohol" and many other close consumers have been the topic of street interviews。 Consumers answer numerous, numerous, but their enthusiasm for their own alcoholic beverages that paragraph, the presence of so many guests on the future of the wine industry feel confident。   Alcohol is the nation, is the world's。 On the one hand, wine is the national carrier of culture, the level of economic globalization, the deepening today, when Chinese wine to go abroad, but how to maintain their distinctive characteristics and can be accepted by people of different cultures and customs of the world?The other side, wine, beer and wine are a wealth of international experience, when multinational liquor companies in the global promotion of different brands, is how to balance the relationship between internationalization and localization of it?  In the next dialogue session, chairman of Zhang Liang from white plates, wine on behalf of Gao Sheng Tianbao Leli plus China Managing Director, on behalf of China Resources Snow Breweries beer, General Manager (China) Co., Ltd. Hou Xiaohai, as well as representatives of Chinese wine food director, general manager, general manager of COFCO wines, chairman Jiang gold and yellow wine country on behalf of Zhangjiagang Brewery Co., Ltd., chairman Huang Tingming, came together around the idea of the development of wine each species and cultural experience in different regions, the supply-side structural reforms to bring industry wine and multifaceted issues affecting development in the Internet era peak dialogue launched。