Directors often affect the merits of the decline Ideal salary doubled the lead against the market trend raises questioned

Executive salary increases year after year are not uncommon in listed companies。However, (002 740) for two consecutive years, but adverse economic decline in net profit in the case of a raise, a move investors can not help but raised questions。  According to the announcement, love for two consecutive years of salary company directors, supervisors who have been adjusted。2016, chairman of the annual salary of 350,000 yuan adjusted to 50 million, an increase of 43 percent, secretaries annual salary adjusted from 300,000 to 450,000 yuan, an increase of 50%; this year, the chairman of the annual salary adjustment from $ 500,000 100 million, an increase of 100%, secretaries annual salary of 450,000 yuan adjusted to 80 million, an increase of 78%。However, the company annual report data show that in 2016 the company achieved net profit 5779.580,000 yuan, down 14 year.22%; net profit 6737 2015.880,000 yuan, down 22.88%。  In this regard, there are investors to question: "In the case of company profits to decline directors, supervisors and high pay, and huge gains, will burden the company?"With these questions, public securities and financial information network reporter called Ideal, securities transaction-related staff, told reporters:" raise standards of corporate key management personnel of the corresponding provisions, the salary increase is also related to the discussion of the meeting。While a high salary increase of chairman, but wages are not high in the Shenzhen-listed company, after the completion of this year reached only raise the industry average。"In addition, the other said:" The average annual salary not to month, but a large part do to stay in the end performance appraisal。So, if you can not meet performance targets, but also get an annual salary of all。The company executives in recent years did not leave, salary is the case in order to encourage company directors, supervisors and high diligence, is conducive to long-term development of the company, there is no damage to the company and shareholders' interests。"Statistics show that the main business of Ideal product design and processing, brand chain as one of the jewelry business。January 4, 2017, the company began major issues due to suspension, after the company announced plans to issue shares to acquire a jewelry company。Meanwhile, the company on March 6 announcement that intends to 255 million yuan in cash to buy 51% stake in the jewelry market。The company said the acquisition jewelry market, value-added rate of 208%, the higher the premium is as optimistic about the other's brand and channel advantages, increase market share through the acquisition of companies and the number of stores。  Then, after the completion of mergers and acquisitions, will improve the performance of mid-2017, to stop the decline in net profit?Such staff said: "The first two years of decline in net profit was mainly due to a change in the company's marketing strategy。The company had been taken by none other sales model, intended to seize market share, so the net profit is not high。"Then, in mid-2017 whether the company will continue to 'none', at the expense of net profit in exchange market?The other said, "It is not clear sales plan in mid-2017。"(Original title: chairman of the annual salary doubled sales fell harmless Ideal lead times of adversity raise doubts) (Editor: DF318)