Development and Reform Commission: the establishment of the new district to ensure a safe male doing what Zhang Yuanjing

Recently, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued a circular, decided to establish。This is a major strategic choice Comrade Xi Jinping as the historic core of the CPC Central Committee, is a new area after Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shanghai Pudong New Area, another national importance, the Millennium plans, national issues。  Xi pointed out that, planning and construction of new district should focus on key male security mission seven aspects: First, build green wisdom Metro, built a world-class, green, modern, smart city。The second is to create a beautiful ecological environment, building a blue-green intertwined, fresh and bright, Watertown communion eco-city。Third, the development of high-tech industry to actively attract and gather innovative elements of resources, cultivate new momentum。The fourth is to provide quality public services and building quality public facilities, creating a new model for urban management。Fifth, build fast and efficient transportation network, to create a green transportation system。Sixth, promote the reform of institutional mechanisms to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources in the market and better play the role of government to stimulate market activity。Seven is to expand all-round opening-up, to create a new platform to expand foreign cooperation and open new heights。  What is the background and significance of the establishment of safe male New?Why New site set here?What next planning and construction?Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhuan Fang and Le Guojia He Lifeng, director of Development and Reform Commission。  Major decisions and plans of far-reaching historical significance Q: Please tell us about the background of the establishment of the new district of Hebei male and safety significance?  A: The establishment of safe male Hebei District, is a major decision for the deployment of the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping to further promote the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin, Beijing and orderly ease Non-capital function made。  Beijing's population has reached 21 million, close to the population control target of 23 million by 2020, and the resulting traffic congestion, rising prices, resource overload disease and other big cities, the deeper reason is carrying too many non-capital function。General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed, ease Beijing Beijing, Tianjin and non-capital function is to promote the coordinated development of the key and most important。Authorities have issued a joint development of Beijing, Tianjin and 12 special planning, accelerate transportation, ecology, industry, the first breakthrough in three focus areas, and strengthen innovation-driven reform, promote sharing of basic public services, but also three provinces It introduced the corresponding joint development of Beijing, Tianjin and promote the planning and implementation of programs。New security planning and construction of male non-capital function is to ease Beijing a very important part of。  Standing at a new historical starting point, the new district planning and construction of male security is of great realistic significance and far-reaching historical significance。  First, focus on building capital Beijing non-functional centralized ease bearer, the disease can effectively alleviate the major cities Beijing, with Beijing city sub-center to form a new two wings Beijing。  Second, it helps to speed up regional development padded short board, to enhance the quality and level of economic development in Hebei society, foster new growth pole regions, may also together form Hebei and Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games to promote the construction of Zhangbei region as an opportunity two wings。  Third, it helps to adjust and optimize the layout of urban and spatial structure of Beijing, Tianjin, expand regional development of new space, to explore the development of new models to optimize economic densely population areas, creating the innovation-driven development of new engines, accelerate the construction of a world-class city group of Beijing, Tianjin。  New male security site after repeated comparisons, careful scientific proof Q: How safe male siting new area is determined?What considerations have?  A: The big city disease solve problems, to strong capital Beijing non-functional, orderly and effectively ease out the need to carry a centralized。Objectively, planning and construction of the carrier to focus resources necessary to rely on existing large cities Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, etc., but also convenient transportation and geographical conditions is moderate。  New security plan covering male Xiong County, Hebei Province, Rongcheng, 3 Anxin County and the surrounding area section, located in the Beijing-Tianjin-hinterland, male security planning and development in a particular area to the starting area previously developed, starting area of about 100 square feet km, medium-term development area of about 200 square kilometers, long-term control area of about 2000 square kilometers。  On the whole, the region obviously geographical advantages, traffic smooth and convenient, the existing number of highways, railways, faster than the basic formation of Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang half-hour commuter circle; good ecological environment, resources and environment carrying capacity than strong, with the North China Plain, the largest freshwater lake Baiyangdian etc; abundant water resources to meet regional ecological water demand; low level of existing development, the development of space is abundant, have the basic conditions for the development and construction of a high standard starting point。  New male siting Ann is from reality, after repeated selection, scientific research, experts strict proof, and ultimately determine the region。  Ensure a blueprint dry in the end asked: male security planning and construction of Hebei District, next consider what work?  A: The CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued a notice clearly the overall requirements and key task planning and construction of the new district of Hebei male security。Next, we will work with the parties concerned focus on the following aspects of work。  After the move to seek to speed up the organizational planning work。Adhere to a global vision, international standards, with Chinese characteristics, high positioning, gathering national talent, to attract international talent, to fully draw on international experience to guide the parties in Hebei Province and organize the preparation of high standards of quality male Ann new master plan, starting area controlled detailed planning planning, controlling and promoter region and ecological environment protection planning Baiyangdian, a blueprint to ensure that dry in the end。  The innovation as the fundamental driving force of the development of the new district, the new district to guide the innovative elements。New support to create a good atmosphere for innovation in terms of innovation support, operation mechanism, development environment, to attract high-end talent and innovation team, to create innovation and technology Highland Park。  Deepen the reform of institutional mechanisms to protect the system as a new area of development。New management to explore a new model, deepening administrative reform; exploring new area of investment and financing system reform, establish long-term stable funding mechanisms to attract social capital to participate in construction of new。  According to the new district building needs, study and put forward relevant specific support policies。Meanwhile, on the implementation of special programs, major projects and funding arrangements, major projects related to transportation district, ecology, water conservancy, energy, public services and other support。  Coordinated development of urban and district and surrounding areas。Beijing ordered set following a non-capital function, and to achieve the central city Beijing, Beijing urban sub-center dislocation development。  In the planning, to reach the level of world-class cities, while in the building to fully embody elements of Chinese culture in the construction process to be crafted, artisan spirit in order to create a century building, leaving a heritage of thousands of years。  Planning and construction of male An historic district is a strategic choice。We want to more closely unite around the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping, firmly establish the idea of a game of chess, to maintain patient history, respect for the principles of urban construction, carry forward the spirit of artisans, slow and steady, then crop crop of dry, to jointly promote safe male district plan construction and development work。(Original title: He Lifeng Development and Reform Commission: to promote high standards and high starting point male security planning and development) (Editor: DF155)