Demolition of love

Love, like an Olympiad title。  One day wake up, I suddenly remembered a topic to participate in junior high school mathematics Olympiad。That semi-final stage of the National Olympiad, examination paper to get his hand, to look, to both questions, the first question to get half an hour, actually get, be the second road, get an hour, did not come up with it herself Come。It is a geometrical problem, a triangle with a circular outer circumferential line just after three corner points of a triangle, a circle outside and set with a quadrangle tangent to the circle exactly four sides。Just forget that in the end is the pursuit of the perimeter of a triangle, or are seeking radius of the circle?Of an edge circle tangent angle also quadrangle or seek。Suddenly felt love like this track I do not understand for years the Olympiad title, when love, always worried about the love triangle, then a hated rival; when touching, love is like a circle, were rolling only Iraqis want wandering around; love always lose, so quadrilateral appeared, both good and bad is just four sides。In love there is no appearance of the great God, no matter what stage you are in love, as long as there is love hearts, it is difficult to escape the love goes both good and bad intertwined。  “Dismantle”The word with Chinese characteristics, without Yong theory, well known people。  One day see a news online, said to be occupying a foreign country, in order to PETTY, actually sprayed in two columns on the door of the Chinese Embassy“Dismantle”Word, one on each side, very symmetrical, red Chinese characters on living abroad the country, especially conspicuous。Suddenly people think of literacy, really it is so very generously。Especially after the impact of the economic tide, people of accomplishment, like a flood after flood Silue, dead branches rotten grass, rags and clothes, and even sanitary napkins and the like, and then mixed on display on the sand, filling ugly。  After the demolition of the perception of love, and one day wake up。  Mai always dream state of pleasant soft Fang Xianqing。I dream of the Iraqi people, often sitting in a classroom。Into the classroom when the Iraqis are never startling to me; listen to the teacher when the Iraqi people on my side of the trunk; study hall in silence when, in fact, not in the eyes of Iraqis, the Iraqi people in mind。The dream of Iraqis, ambiguous, unreality, look no intertwined, just calm heart, love, perhaps in the side, is the greatest happiness。Fear is to wake up, Iraqis have been there anymore, the classroom is the former classrooms, Iraqis have a baby his mother, but that's not my baby, so Crossroads stained towel, children of love, had no sense of the next。  Demolition of love, love, this is used to split, otherwise, both good and bad of what is intertwined, so what is to eliminate the Iraqi people languish。  Love, really is an Olympiad title。  When young, love is the only life, career and ideals had to give way to love, love the way rampage, there is no house car have anything to do?Parents and teachers as a whole is to persuade been heeded。Young hearts, only Feng Kuangban love addiction, though he triangular, circular, or quadrilateral, even if do not know what to verify, what is the conclusion, a very tough battle will love him, love him more generations。  Today, people have a nearly middle age, career on the side, in front of an ideal, not a big house, the car is not good, love the Word Olympic title, but more trouble do not understand is, love or demolition?Demolition or love?In love with the demolition of contingent solving, love is no longer fanaticism, among the reason, in fact, had no trace of love。  Standing on the roof, moon is brightest tonight。Renhuan looked down, how many people are sleeping。But love, again waking, waking up quietly。The inevitable demolition of love, perhaps, is the love of。  Oil, however, remember that old song of the year Luo,“Maybe tomorrow the sun sets Juanniao naturalized death, you will have set foot on the old way home, a rare friend to find a partner again, life will eventually regret and blue clouds day。”