When Europe: France to push new bill to punish sexual violence and gender discrimination

  This bill co-sponsored by Ms. Xi Yapa Ms. Secretary of State in charge of equal rights for men and women affairs and Minister of Justice Bei Lubei。 Xi Yapa announced the same day: this Act "to strengthen the fight against gender discrimination and sexual violence, scheduled in May when considered by both houses of Congress."。
  The main measures proposed: in the case of adults with minors under 15 years of relations, will set up a "presumption of minors being forced to have sex," the age limit, thereby protecting minors。   Bill proposes to add the following provisions in the Penal Code: "When an adult on a minor under the age of 15 who commit sexual offenses, be regarded as the victim is an adult to take advantage of the ignorance, mentally immature or do not have consensual sexual relations resolving power required, resulting in the victim's behavior in the spirit Persons from Enforced or in case of unexpected "。
  Specifically, the minor's age will be used to prove "force" or "surprise" sins like the stock market, the two main factors constitute the crime of rape。 But the situation can not be fixed just by the age criterion of rape, sexual relations or even in the case of mutual consent in "automatic sentence" may appear, this is what the judge concerns arise。
  Act provision was initially reported: "In any intervening party knew or could not know the age of the victim cases, minors under 15 years old do sex constitutes rape."。 Government on the recommendation of the Administrative Court, finally adopted a different way of expression in the bill。   Administrative Court in the audit recommendations March 13 of that: "just by the parties 'could not know the age of the victim' situation like this is not sufficient to determine criminal intent, this presentation may be considered unconstitutional."。   This change may result in the child protection associations disappointed。
These associations have been looking forward to the provisions of the bill noted in Minors "non-voluntary presumption is an irrefutable presumption", that is, in the opposite case, even if the defendant "voluntarily" evidence, not accepted。 Justice Department spokesman said: "This bill to strengthen punitive violence against a minor offender, it will be clearly stated in the criminal law 'and prohibit minors under 15 years of sex'。 "The recommendation of the Administrative Court, the bill also sexual assault and sexual assault perpetrators strengthen punishment: Adults 15 years of age for any sexual activity committed by minors, the heaviest sentenced to 10 years in prison and a fine of 150,000 euros。   The bill also established a new offense called "gender discrimination insult" sin (outragesexiste); which is defined as "to others in word or deed issued or made sexist insults and sexual nature, because of its detrimental nature personality or insulting people, harm the dignity of the victim, or produce an intimidation to the victim, the case of hostile or offensive offensive "。
  Such behavior is banned in the case of flagrante delicto, it may impose a fine of the fourth stage, the amount of 90-750 euros。
If the circumstances are serious (for minors under 15 years old, the weak, on public transport), upgrade to the fifth grade, the amount of a fine of up to 3000 euros。