Eight organizations see the market outlook: peripheral market sentiment warming into the spring planting season | Environmental Protection

    Chinese New Year holidays and domestic macroeconomic policies belong to the vacuum period, in addition to the Winter Olympics events, the industry focus in the consumer field upgrade。
Such as: Chinese New Year stall popular movie at the box office, the Spring Festival travel abroad to new higher。
We believe that the overall market is stable for the better short-term, largely based on the marginal improvement in risk appetite and the Festival funds face repair。
    This report reviews the week since the Spring Festival (February 12 to 20 February) the global stock market, and reviews during the Spring Festival holiday, domestic and foreign economic data and public opinion before the opening bell after the holiday, to provide reference information for investors。 Global stock markets still in repair period after oversold, we remain optimistic about the A-share market after the holiday, it is recommended to continue to focus on before the holiday began to recommend a combination of large。     External market bounced back during the Spring Festival, the three major US stock indexes rose surpassed 1%, the cumulative rate of increase surpassed half before the decline during the Spring Festival, which Nasdaq index rose%, the best performance。 European stocks also bounced back, Britain, France and surpassed the three major indexes rose 1%, of which the French CAC index rose%。
    It shares a short-term pullback space more fully。 Medium-term upward trend remains unchanged, to maintain a high growth from corporate earnings, asset allocation categories favor the stock market, and the valuation is not high。
③ market needs time to recover, focus on the medium term and gradually enter the spring season, with reference to CSI 300 is simple and efficient strategies, leading both value and growth leader, pay attention to the financial industry。
    After the beginning of the US debt soaring interest rates triggered a global stock market correction, investors overall risk appetite return to reason, focusing on selected markets and better margin of safety targets, which means that Trump came to power after the expected risk-based preferences excited state driven ended。     According to historical statistics, general market plunge will bring short-term style switch, because investors will make the plunge before the logic of the market have some doubts, but rarely bring the mid-style switch, because the market is difficult to directly plunge around the mid-style logic (e.g., flowability, earnings estimates match)。
    We believe that the Festival will meet the "two sessions" market, annual reports, overlay performance wave brought, in accordance with the laws of history in the past Spring Festival to see the market running, is expected to launch spring offensive in shock climbed in, and challenge the previous high pressure。
Followed by a quarterly publication, and then expand successive determine whether the style of the new round of adjustment of the conversion process, which is called "the beginning of a given disk, set in the style of"。
    A share after the holiday is expected to gradually stabilize。 A few days before the holiday last shares rebounded sharply, but by the Festival of factors and market cautious mood, trading volume hit a low in recent years, leading the rebound cycle and consumer sector。