Spa of common classes five spa Know

The first time you use cold water, will gasped, breathing, deep breathing maneuver than usual large。 But the body's response to high-temperature hot water is not like a cold bath。
Hot bath tends to increase the frequency of breathing, but the depth is still shallow breathing action throughout。
The impact of cold bath can cause shrinkage pale skin and skin elastic fibers of the skin surface uplift goose bumps, then redness, sensitivity to tactile reflex activity disappears。 The degree of high-temperature hot water bath would have a similar reaction, but not so pale skin, excessive sexual goose bumps do not like strong cold bath。
In the early warm bath, pale skin surface phenomenon, but it will gradually turn red skin。 High-temperature hot water bath will reduce tactile sensitivity, but moderately warm bath but will enhance the tactile sensitivity of the skin。 Metabolic effects of cold bath can enhance functionality and basic metabolism, increase oxygen intake capacity。
The lower the temperature around the bath, the faster the time of receiving cold bath。
If the water temperature is hot enough hot water bath, bath long enough, sufficient to raise the body temperature, also having a hot water bath then substantially enhance the rate of metabolism of the human body functions。 Short-term effects of cold baths will strengthen the muscles casual and involuntary muscle vitality, coordination and functional capabilities, while also increasing the heat and oxidation, but prolonged cold baths eventually result in stiff。
But a short time high temperature hot water bath muscle forming the same effect as short-term cold bath, but the extent is not the same。
Before selecting a spa, Note 1.Before making spa to pay attention to body temperature, proper cooling。
There, skin ,, in pregnancy and menstrual period should not have to do SPA。 Common classification Springs 2.At least to the spa to be half an hour after the meal。 3.Spa 3 hours ago Do not drink any alcoholic beverages。 Drink plenty of water before and after the SPA。 Most people do not get enough water every day, especially busy careless men。 4.Meet the standards of the spa should have a professional physical therapist or caregiver for customer design and spa prescription。 Spa should be compatible with water temperature, water pressure and erosion of time, have a significant effect, but will not appear sports injuries; generally limited to 10 minutes。 If the water temperature and water pressure is too high, at most, five minutes to punch。 5.Subjected to the hydraulic pressure of the body effect, it should be appropriate in the surface kilograms force per square centimeter。 In this water pressure, can achieve the function of massage points and bones。
Enjoy scouring the water column massage points and bones of pleasure, should be limited to 10 minutes; and the water column should not be aligned with head and neck impact, particularly spinal lesions or osteoporosis, should be careful。
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