Restaurants in Kenya received three presidents after 40 years of making food legend

Xinhua News Agency, Nairobi, December 20 – (Reporter Lu Duo Bao Xiao Yang Jiu restaurant owner named Tian Weiming, 60 years old。 Yellow skin, black hair, he is a native Kenyans, speaks fluent Swahili, English, Cantonese。
When asked why to Kenya, he quipped: "That I did not choose to ask my parents!"Back in the Anti-Japanese War。 In mid-1941, a common family name field, the eldest son of the war did not come back, terrified mother, bent on another son to overseas life insurance。
Thus, only 20-year-old son by boat all the way to the west, the first stop in Mumbai, due not used to the local food and move on, eventually reaching the coast of East Africa's largest port – Mombasa。
The Hong Kong Youth Science engineering mechanics quickly found a job in Mombasa ship, and later married a Chinese wife。
He is the father Tian Weiming。 In mid-1947, Tian Weiming was born, it is one of the first batch of Chinese people born in Kenya documented descendants。
After the oil crisis in the 1970s, due to a sharp reduction in the number of ships oil prices, between the port of Mombasa, Tian Weiming one had moved to Nairobi。
Tian Weiming's mother had opened a Chinese restaurant in Mombasa, Nairobi, after a fresh start to open another, did not expect this opening is nearly 40 years。
Tian Weiming mother very business-minded, the shop selected at the International Conference Center, which is Kenya's "political heart", surrounded by the Supreme Court, Police Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government buildings seat。 Tian Weiming mother training locals do Chinese chefs。 Now, every day the restaurant is the all locals Houchu。 At first, Tian Weiming inherited his father made a mechanic, and later he took over the restaurant every day, the restaurant business too fast, not only in Kenya frequented by ministers, former Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi and Kibaki and current President Ken Tagaytay time to time to dine here。
In particular Moi, in office almost every month to a restaurant to eat every day。 "My father particularly like Moi, said he had no shelf, and every meal meals are settled in cash。 "Said Tian Weiming。 Every day, the restaurant's most famous dish is chicken wings, Moi especially fond of this dish。
One day, every day, please Presidential Palace restaurant chef dedicated to the presidential palace to go: "Do you have any secret that road chicken wings?You can not be here to give us a demonstration again?"Kenyatta is the restaurant every day of 'fans'。 Kenya in mid-August this year for the first time before the election results were announced, Kenyatta was in the restaurant every day with dinner。
Waiter Naha male Kidman recalls, few guests that evening, he was sitting to rest, suddenly Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret walked into the restaurant, surrounded by a group of people in。 Kidman said Kenyatta day in a good mood, ordered fried beef for the main course, then picked up his remote control to change channels, watch the vote count live on TV。 Run out of food, Kenyatta to the venue to accept the outcome of the election victory。
"We watched the president eat here, while they see the president appeared on live TV, I feel good magic!"Kidman said it now still excited。 Tian Weiming said with a smile, every restaurant is doing "Kenya Cantonese"。
He said the restaurant had tried to do authentic Cantonese cuisine, but the locals do not eat。
He also tried to introduce hot pot, the locals find it very strange: "how do you eat raw meat and bring it to us?"However, Tian Weiming there are locals trying to change the taste success stories。 Most Kenyans do not eat crab, Tian Weiming shipped from Mombasa crab, was the smell of fried with onions and contributed to the Nairobi first "eat crab"。
Dining Chinese food is not the form has also been welcomed by many locals。 Nairobi residents Dennis said he came every day because there is a restaurant turntable round table, we can share food together。
"In fact, it's a bit like Africa, we are also put into the food we eat together platters。
"As more and more in Nairobi variety of restaurants, the restaurant business every day getting better than before。
Tian Weiming nephew Jamie Pu Gula after the intervention of restaurant operations, adjust their thinking, take advantage of in the International Conference Center, will host the meeting outgoing dining as the main business。 He also plugged into this "old" restaurant of the Internet "wings", the customer can be on the direct orders of local takeaway ordering websites。 Tian Pu Gula is a third generation Kenyan, but it looks very difficult to see the Chinese people's appearance, he is a mestizo India。
Tian in the second generation, the Japanese and some married, some married French。
"Because family members from different countries, we have to speak English when family gatherings。
"Tian Weiming said with a smile。
Editor: Li Ruichen。