Men Kidney Diet to help you restore its former glory

What are men Kidney Diet Kidney has been the topic of male friends who are very concerned about, and kidney methods, the kidney diet is undoubtedly a very good one of the men then eat what it can kidney recommend following small for everyone several men kidney Diet, to help you restore its former glory!Men Kidney Diet Diet warming yang – raw and cooked ginger Burning dog attached with a piece 30 grams, 1000 grams of dog meat, 150 grams of ginger, vegetable oil, garlic, onion right amount。
Making the dog wash, cut into small pieces; ginger simmer cooked spare。
Then cooked with sheet into the casserole, stew first 2 hours, then the vinegar, garlic and ginger into, add water stew, rotten meat until Serve。 Kidney tonic effect。 Suitable for impotence, urinating more at night, chills and cold extremities and other symptoms yang。
Body Deficiency of chronic bronchitis and chronic nephritis patients should eat。
Nourishing yin Diet – a product of yam man Kidney Diet raw raw yam 500 grams, 150 grams of flour, walnuts, assorted fruit, honey, 100 grams of sugar, lard, a little Qianfen。
Production of raw yam washed, steamed, peeled, into the enamel pot flour, knead the dough, and then made into cakes, the home walnut, assorted fruit amount, the pot steam for 20 minutes。
After the pan honey poured in one round cake (1 tablespoon of honey, 100 g of sugar, lard and Qianfen little, heating Serve)。 Yin tonic effect。 Applies to loss of kidney yin caused diabetes, urinary frequency, nocturnal emission and other diseases。
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