Commission: seize the opportunity now of the history of the implementation of the capital market big data strategy

Commission advisory committee of experts held its first plenary meeting regulatory Technology Recently, regulatory science and technology advisory committee of experts from the Commission academicians, university academics, business experts and other components held its first plenary session in Beijing, the meeting examined and adopted Statutes of the expert Advisory Committee, the Commission heard a presentation on the information Center "Technology supervision overall construction program," the。Chairman of the Advisory Committee Li Guojie, vice chairman of the Hong Mei academicians and experts expressed their views on the program, and had a discussion exchange。  It was noted that nineteen seriously study and implement the spirit of the party's General Secretary Xi Jinping to implement the spirit of learning speech at the National Security and Information Technology Working Conference, and promote national big data strategy to further enhance the level of regulation of capital markets technology, and is currently an SFC system is a period of important future work。China's capital market after nearly 30 years of development, has a considerable amount of body size, basically forming a multi-level capital market system。Currently, a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution booming, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other modern information technology and the depth of the economic and social integration of capital markets has had a profound impact。On the one hand, the capital market to support the rapid development of high-tech industries, high-technology companies to obtain a stronger impetus to the development of capital markets through。On the other hand, to take advantage of the power of technological change to improve their own development, further improve the capital market operation quality and performance。We should vigorously strengthen the application of new technologies, with scientific and technological means to improve the regulatory capacity。  The meeting stressed the need to seize the current historic opportunity to implement large capital market data strategy, promote the construction of a new model of human supervision and depth of integration of science and technology。On the basis of electronic, network supervision, to further solve the technology, intelligent regulatory issues。The Commission should focus on the regulatory functions, the use of big data and artificial intelligence technology to accelerate action in the administrative examination and approval, to combat illegal activities, supervision of listed companies and other aspects of the work, breakthrough。To enhance the capacity of the financial risks of screening, to achieve transmissive regulation, comprehensive regulation effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors。  It was noted that big data strategy is a long-term systematic project, in the process, there is a lot of work to do, there is a long way to go。SFC's regulatory work without the support from all sides, all parties need to be supervised, provide decision-making advice, work together to jointly promote the application of modern information technology in the landing of the Commission。  The meeting called for the Commission information center based on comments and suggestions made in the Commission's experts, according to "systematic planning, step by step, the overall integration, focused, collaborative advance, to accelerate action" principle, the main structure of the program to be modified to submit as soon as possible The next Review Conference。  SFC Party Secretary, Chairman Liu Shiyu, the Commission Party Committee member, Commission Vice-President Zhao Zhengping and department heads attended the meeting。   Attachment: List of member of the Expert Advisory Committee Guo-Jie Li Institute of Computing Technology Research Institute chief scientist, vice president of Chinese Academy of Sciences Chinese Academy of Engineering Shimei Wang Beijing Institute of Technology, director of Sun Guofeng People's Bank of China Institute of Finance Liao Li, Tsinghua Wudaokou Institute of Finance Deputy Liaoya Bin, vice president of Guoxin Securities Co., Ltd., general manager of global technical cooperation and development president Chen Shengjiang Beijing Jingdong financial Holdings Limited CEO Li Jin Group of ants gold dress, president, chief software engineer Wang Xiaoyong Du, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China Science and technology Director of disciplines, the research director of a large data center Key laboratory of data Engineering and knowledge Engineering, Ministry of Education, Zhou Tao, director of the University of electronic Science and Technology Ma Shaoping professor at Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University – Institute of intelligent computing Heavenly Zhou Zhihua, executive vice president of Nanjing University machine learning and data Tang Jie, Associate Professor Department of computer software research Institute of knowledge Engineering Laboratory director Yu Kai Beijing Institute of mining horizon robotics R & D Co., Ltd. Huang clarified CEO of the Internet Society of China Chairman Chen Liren Wuzhen think-tank chief scientist media coverage (Original title: Expert Advisory Committee Regulatory Commission held the first plenary meeting of Science and Technology) (Editor: DF075)